Austin Mini Cooper S 1967 – SPRZEDANY

Dla postronnego obserwatora to tylko Mini, jednak Austin Mini Cooper S powstał, żeby zadziwiać i czyni to do dziś. Wersja przygotowana przez Johna Coopera absolutnie zadziwiała, wygrywając czterokrotnie Rajd Monte Carlo 1964, 65-67 (tytuł z 1966 został cofnięty kontrowersyjną decyzją sędziów). Dziś egzemplarze pierwszej serii w takim stanie są ogromną rzadkością, co ma wpływ na ich szybko rosnące ceny.



Brand Austin
Type Cooper S
Color Red with black roof
Interior Light
Year of build 1967
Price € 42.500,-

Still in original color scheme
Very rare MKI
Fitted with very nice 1966 original interior
Superb color combination

The designer of the Mini, sir Alec Issigonis should have never realized what impact his little car would have on the world when the car was introduced in 1959.

The design requests for mister Issigonis were simple. The car had to be affordable, needed four seats for adults and had to be small enough to travel relatively comfortable.

Nobody ever thought that the Mini should become an icon which everybody in the world recognizes.

In the 1960’s the Mini get from a housewives shopping car to the must have fashion accessory, via international stardom onto the rally scene.

Mister John Cooper was able to make the Mini an absolute dream to drive and this was confirmed by the Works spec cars which won the Monte Carlo rally in 1964, 65, 66 en 67.

Everybody wanted a Cooper, and indeed everybody who was anybody in the 60s had a cooper, from The Beatles and Peter Sellers to Graham Hill and even Enzo Ferrari!

But as I learned at my first economy courses. The price of a product is determined by the demand and the availability of a product. So the success of the Mini became also a weakness in the second hand market.

Mini’s have became worthless and were used for all sorts of auto sport. Big trucks drove over the roofs, rally races were done on big fields of farmers and lots and lots of Mini’s have been destroyed.

Nowadays the amount of Mini’s available have been completely changed. It is almost impossible to find a Mini in a nice condition and it is even more difficult to find an example in a pristine condition.

The costs of the restoration are overruling the value of the car, although the prices are currently rising very quickly.


This specific example is in an unbelievable nice condition. The car has been newly delivered in the United Kingdom in Surrey in March 1967. The supplying dealer was J. Gibbs Limited in Feltham.

The Mini was ordered with some extra options such as a fresh-air heater, an extra fuel tank as well as an oil cooler.

So it seemed that the Mini was ordered since new in the best possible specification.

The color of the Mini was the same as the car has nowadays. It was newly ordered in Tartan Red with Black Roof. The interior was Red and Gold Grey.

It is told to us that the Mini has just been finished from a complete restoration which is carried out by Mini specialist Perrin in Clichy, France.

During the restoratoin, the body was stripped back to bare metal. The seals and chrome work on the body were replaced or refurbished. All the opening parts are very well aligned.

The sub-frames were sanded and repainted in Epoxy.

According to the former owner, the car has covered just 37,000 miles from new and a large file of invoices dating back to 1985 is included.

It will become difficult for us to find another example in the same condition but now we are happy that we can offer this example for sale.

So if you are looking for an icon in the best possible specification from 1966, please contact us.

The Mini comes with a nice file of history as well as with an original Austin manual.


Due to the extensive restoration, the Mini is looking extremely nice on the outside. The chrome is excellent even as the body. There are absolutely no signs of rust or corrosion.

The doorgaps are excellent.

All the chrome seems to be replaced as it looks superb.

Everything is correct on the car. Quite often the door of the boot is incorrect but this Mini seems to be completely correct whereby all the specific details are correctly restored and not replaced by more modern/incorrect parts.


The interior is completely original and in an unbelievable nice condition. Looking at the interior, it could be indeed that the Mini has driven only 37.000 miles since new as it looks very impressive.

It is so unique that the interior is still original because it is always replaced and unfortunately the replacements are not completely correct.

Specific Cooper S details are still on the car such as the chrome part under the steering wheel and the optional rev counter. Even the original speed indicator which shows a higher topspeed for the Cooper S is still in the car and this is extremely unique!


The engine of the Mini has been comprehensively serviced, which has included rectifying the cylinder head and the fitting of large valves. The water and fuel pumps and the clutch have been replaced, and an anti-vibration crankshaft pulley and aluminium oil cooler have been installed. It has new brakes and new Dunlop SP4 tyres.

Due to these services, the Mini is driving fabulous. We have a Morris Cooper S in our own private collection and to be completely honest, this Mini is driving so much better as our car.

The handling, the power and the brakes seem to be much better and it is a big party to drive or actually race around with this Mini.

The Mini comes with an impressive history file with details dating back to 1985. Even an original letter from Mr. John Cooper is available in the file.