BMW 530i E12 1981 – Belgia

Barwy Bastos są jednymi z najbardziej charakterystycznych dla wyczynowych BMW lat 80-tych i 90-tych. Na aukcji 24 maja przy belgijskim torze wyścigowym Spa nadarza się okazja by wejść w posiadanie samochodu, który w 1981 roku rozpoczął współpracę obu firm. To historyczne BMW 530i E12, które wygrało swoją klasę jednocześnie zajmując drugie miejsce w klasyfikacji generalnej wyścigu 24h Spa-Francorchamps. W 2010 roku zostało kompletnie odbudowane w oparciu o homologację M535 Grupy 2., co pozwoliło zastosować 3,5 l jednostkę osiągającą 295 KM. Teraz – gotowe do startów jest wyceniane na ok. 480 – 640 tys. PLN.


Lot 125
Chassis no. JUMA 1025
€120,000 – 160,000
PLN 480,000 – 640,000

AUCTION 22722:
24 May 2015 12:15 CEST

Ex-Eddy Joosen, Jean-Claude Andruet, Dirk Vermeersch 1981 Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours Class Winner and 2nd Overall
1981 BMW 530i Competition Saloon
Chassis no. JUMA 1025

In 1977, Antwerp-based BMW racing specialist Juma entered a BMW 530i in the Spa 24 Hours race, which was driven to victory by Belgian star Eddy Joosen and ace French rally driver Jean-Claude Andruet. Further attempts to win the Belgian classic were made in 1978, 1979 and 1980 with a new car built for each season. For 1981, the final year before the FIA changed the racing regulations to Group A, Juma once again built a new 530i, on this occasion with Bastos backing.

The drivers were Joosen, Andruet and Dirk Vermeersch who, benefiting from Juma’s technology and experience, and the 530i’s superior handling and braking, were firm favourites for overall victory that year. The Juma BMW led the race during the night but the team suffered a setback early in the morning when Dirk Vermeersch missed the 'Bus Stop' chicane and ignored a marshal’s instructions while proceeding down the escape road. His penalty was exclusion, leaving Joosen and Andruet to drive the rest of the race unsupported. The car continue to lead until early in the afternoon when, with Andruet at the wheel and heading for a victorious finish, a rocker arm broke with only one hour to go and the car had to stop at the pits. Nevertheless, Andruet was determined to finish strongly and brought the BMW home in 2nd place overall, winning the over 2,500cc Class. This would represent the start of 17 years of Bastos-BMW partnership.

At the end of 1981 the Bastos-BMW was sold to a privateer and raced for a few more seasons before being put in storage in 1987, where it would remain for 20 years. The car on offer is the original Juma car driven at Spa by Joosen, Andruet and Vermeersch. In 2010 it received a full 'last nut and bolt' restoration by LM-Engineering during which particular care was taken to retain the period Juma features. The roll cage and fuel cell have been replaced to meet FIA regulations, while the seat, harness and fire extinguisher are up to date and the car is 'on the button'. The BMW is built according to FIA homologation number '1713′ (M535 1982 Gp2) making it fully eligible for historic racing such as Touring Car Masters, HTC by Peter Auto, etc.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 the car was tested, developed and maintained by GGA Classic Motorsport in France and now is ready to go racing once more. It is fitted with a period-correct specification 3.5-litre BMW M30 engine producing 295 horsepower on triple Weber carburettors, and is finished in the evocative Bastos livery. A rare opportunity to acquire an iconic, ready-to-race Juma Bastos BMW with Spa Francorchamps race history.