DeLorean DMC-12 1981 – SPRZEDANY

Czerwony DeLorean DMC-12 z przebiegiem zaledwie 981 mil to wyjątkowy, amerykański barn find. Jego pierwszy właściciel ukrył go na ponad trzydzieści lat w szopie, gdyż… przez kłopoty z kolanami miał problem z zajmowaniem miejsca za kierownicą. Ten nieudany zakup poczynił za namową córki, której podobał się kształt i kolor samochodu. No właśnie – kolor. Legenda głosi, że polakierowanych na zamówienie fabryki zostało zaledwie kilka sztuk, co było technicznym wyzwaniem ze względu na słabe przyleganie powłoki malarskiej do gładkiej stali nierdzewnej. Wszystkie były czerwone i powstały w zakładzie DuPont w Wilmington. Nie wiadomo, czy ten samochód pochodzi z tej puli czy został polakierowany przez dealera, jednak z pewnością już w takim kształcie odebrał go pierwszy właściciel. Unikat przetrwał próbę czasu i wygląda doskonale – w końcu przypominając Ferrari, a nie mikrofalówkę 😉 Cenę ustalą kupujący, do końca aukcji na ebay’u pozostały dwa dni.


Red 1981 Delorean DMC12 Survivor, one owner since new till this year, when I purchased it. This vehicle has been parked in a barn with a car cover plus tarp over that, for 31 years. There are rumors that DuPont painted a few cars red in the first model year. I have not found any proof that this car is one of them. But this car has been red since it was bought new. Possibly the dealer painted it, since it was in the dealers hands for a year and 210 miles of its life. The previous owner told me he went to look at these new Deloreans with his young daughter in 1982. She apparently loved the car and the color. He bought the car and proceeded to drive it for approximately 770 miles. At this point he told me his knees hurt to much to get in and out of the car. So he put it in the barn next to his farm pumps and left it. In 2011 he wanted to do something with it. He put money into it to get it running then stopped after a few thousand spent on fuel items door lift shocks and such. The car sat another three years when it became mine summer of 2014. The car has had the incorrect V.I.N. number on the records since the dealer copied it wrong. This shows on the NEW vehicle document still taped from the dealer from 1982 to the windshield. Only 4 feet away from the cars V.I.N. plate. Odd for a dealer but there’s the document still in the window. To make things even more original, the car has had the incorrect matching front plate since day one also. The last digit is wrong, was checked by C.H.P. and that plate has its own stolen car history attached to it. Plate is included with sale. The C.H.P. officer was amused and giggling said yeah sell the plate but good god don’t put it on the car, even though that case is closed from a few decades ago. The car has its original smog paper from Delorean in 1981. Its original Consumer information paper work. Its original 1 year/12,000 mile insured service contract from 1981. The original owners manual and cover still in glove box. Have a copy of the original pink slip and the instruction side half of that pink slip. D.M.V. takes the original for registration. The original registration renewal slip that was never paid is included too. The car has its original 83 year sticker on the rear correct plate. The car is smog legal in California. Has a clean Title and the cars paper workup is up to date in non-opted status. Also included with the car are the Delorean One Workshop Manual, Parts Catalog Manual and the Service and Technical Bulletins manual.

Overall this car is in great shape. Very clean underneath ,engine bay and inside. Has lived its entire life indoors and is inside a garage now. But I am not selling a restored car, nor a perfect one. I am selling an excellent survivor car. This car is ready for its next chapter in life and a new home.

The previous owner is a friend of mine. I have known him for 6 years. He is 90 years old and a private person and slowing down. A lot of his information is in the paper work of this car. I ask you please respect his privacy and keep his information safe and let him be unbothered. Thank you.

Please read on and enjoy the details of this unique car.


If you have researched Deloreans you have learned this is the concern area. Very sensitive fuel system. I have since purchased, replaced or had rebuilt all fuel items. Fuel distributor ,warm up regulator , Control pressure regulator all rebuilt and tested professionally. New injectors, cleaned all fuel lines, cleaned fuel tank and new fuel filter also has an upgraded fuel pump and baffle. New fuel level sender was installed. A new oxygen sensor installed too. CO was adjusted and set professionally and passed California smog just this month of NOV. I made it clear to that shop they were not to drive car to preserve the miles. They respectfully only put barely a half mile on to complete smog test. The car starts every time and at this point runs great. The mechanic told me the car needs to be driven . He told me it needs to rebreak-in and settle in after such a long storage time. I have changed the oil and filter several times to get out the old oil. Pressure level of oil while running is excellent.


The only part that failed on the suspension was the steering tie-rods. These tie rods had an odd clear cover that seemed to break down over time. They have been replaced. The rest of suspension looks very good and very clean. All original besides tie-rods.


With 981.2 miles on it at this point ,the engine is very clean and complete. The car doesn’t as far as I see drip on the floor. Only part I see missing is the throttle return spring cover. From the cars I have seen, not all of them had them. Not sure it was ever there. A new thermostat was installed, since original was stuck. The cooling fans have been cycled and work. Oil and filter changed. The ignition wires had to be replaced. Has original spark plugs and cap plus rotor. Checked and cleaned. The exhaust looks great, but upon first start up smoked odd smells. A friend put a scope inside only to see a mouse nest. We got as much out as possible. It is not blocking the exhaust but still smells a little. My mechanic told me it will burn out. Besides that it still has the light rumble it was designed to have. And exhaust comes out both tips.


The transmission from my driving around, shifts very well. No grinding or noises. The oil level was checked. Clutch does not chatter or flutter with smooth engagement. The drive shafts look very good too. No tears in the CV boots.


The brakes had completely failed and locked, no surprise there. All original calipers were rebuilt, original brake pads checked and recondition. New master cylinder installed. Castrol DOT 4 brake fluid flushed through three complete times. I have only driven this car a very short distance. I would not consider the brakes final or broke in. I do not want to put the miles on the car. With that the car does seem to stop fine with no odd noises.


The wheels are in very good shape. No curb runs. The tires are original. I had them checked at a local tire shop. They have no cracks and were re-balanced.


The body is very straight. There is one very small dent on passenger side hood. I left as part of original condition. The paint for being 31 years old, looks great. Every where I took it on my trailer it turned heads. But it is not perfect, it is 1981 single stage paint system. There are some small chips, there are two touched up scratches on the passenger door. I assume some thing toppled over on the car while in the barn all that time. I would think a professional buff will make it shine even more then it does.


The trunk is in excellent condition. The spare tire is clean and strapped down. The jack,bag and its handle are in their location. Only thing I found missing is the tool kit. I asked the previous owner to look around , but he has not located it nor remembers it.


The interior is all there and in very good shape. No cracks in the seats or dash. There is a small scuff mark on drivers seat. I am guessing from previous owner and bad knees, he probably fell more in, then sat. But it is very small. Being inside definitely sheltered it from the suns rays. The headliner was replaced, since it detached itself. The radio works and is a cassette player. Ok just to make things even better, there is a cassette in the player. It plays. Its a tape of H20 Daryl Hall and John Oates from 1982. I know, I know but wow that took me back to high school when I turned it on. I left the tape in there.


The battery is gone. I replaced it with a new one and is strapped in. There is no corrosion on the terminals from previous battery. All the electrical items of the car work as of November this year. The A/C was not working and converted to R-134. Working properly as of October.


To the buyer of this car. There is no warranty on this vehicle and no guarantees. Any car of this age might have hidden faults or issues. Any aspects to this car for saftey should be checked by the buyer. I have fixed or had fixed everything I could find to save this car .


Shipping of this vehicle is completely the responsibility of the buyer. I do however recommend a covered car shipper.