Honda S800 Coupe 1967 – SPRZEDANA

Aby dorównać najlepszym japońskim i brytyjskim wzorcom, Japończycy pokornie poszli w ich ślady, dodając to, co mieli najlepsze. Tak powstała Honda S600, a później S800, w wersjach coupe i cabrio. Tym brakującym elementem układanki okazał się według japońskich inżynierów odpowiedni silnik – wysokoobrotowy, o prawdziwie sportowej charakterystyce, wywodzący się wprost z motocykla. W ogłoszeniu piękny egzemplarz pierwszej serii po pierwszych modyfikacjach mechanicznych.


Honda S800 Coupé (1967).
A wonderful example of one of the most sensational japanese sportscars of the sixties.

Year: 1967
Drive: LHD
Colour: Red
Mileage: 87.180 km
Interior: Black
Transmission: Manual
Price: 21.500 EUR

The Honda S800 was introduced to the world at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, and offered for sale in 1966. It was the successor of the S600 with a displacement increase which required some significant styling changes to both the front and rear of the car, while again being available in either roadster or coupe form. The displacement was increased to 791cc which resulted in 70 hp at 8000 rpm. The S800 reached 100 mph and still boasted 35 mpg. The first 752 convertibles and 242 coupes continued the chain rear drive and independent rear suspension of its predecessors. For the next 604 roadsters and 69 coupes, Honda replaced the rear chain / suspension configuration with a more conventional live rear axle located by four radius rods and a panhard rod, while retaining four wheel drum brakes. Thereafter, front disc brakes replaced the four-wheel drum setup, while continuing the live rear axle for the remainder of the production run. The next significant change came in 1968 with the introduction of the S800M version, also called the Mk2. Honda made changes to include flush door handles, side marker lights, dual circuit brakes, varied taillight configurations to suit different markets, safety glass, leaner carburation, and more. These Mk2 versions were aimed at the American market, and lost some of the magical touch so typical for the original Mk1 version. A total of 11.536 units of the S800 were produced between 1966 and 1970.

The example we are offering for sale is a very desirable Mk1 version, with live rear axle and conventional propshaft. It was constructed in 1967, and has the pure looks of the early versions in combination with the better technical set up of the later versions. The car was restored a couple of years ago, and is still in fantastic condition. The engine runs easily to 8000 rpm, and in combination with the slick gearbox this car offers an uncomparable driving experience. The small engine equiped with 4 tiny carburettors has no problem to launch this S800 to its top speed of more then 160 km/u, while creating an extra-ordinary engine sound.

Finding a decent S800 is becoming increasingly difficult, and an example in this condition is as rare as hens teeth. These cars were so advanced at launch, that it stills feel like a rather modern car these days. The engine sound and driving experience are unique, and it is definitely a car which should be part of any decent car collection. A proper collectors car for the connoisseurs and admirers of advanced technique. It is fantastic Japanese driving machine, that will get admiration wherever you stop. Great fun on the road, and highly appreciated at meetings and concours around the world. We think this S800 won’t be long with us….