Jaguar XJ220 1992 – ok. 1633000 PLN – Holandia

Jaguar XJ220 jest bez wątpienia jednym z najbardziej imponujących supersamochodów lat 90-tych. Od 1992 do 1993 dzierżył rekord najszybszego seryjnego samochodu świata (343 km/h), od 1992 do 2000 – najlepszy czas na Nurburgringu (7:46.36). Można go uznać za prekursora dowsizingu – do bicia rekordów starczyło mu tylko ledwie 6 cylindrów i 3,5 l pojemności. Wyprodukowano ich zaledwie około 280 sztuk, lecz aby stać się właścicielem jednejgo z nich potrzebna jest kwota nie aż tak kosmiczna. Za jeden z najlepszych egzemplarzy z przebiegiem zaledwie 12 tys. km i stanem przypominającym fabryczny należy zostawić u renomowanego holenderskiego dealera 367,6 tys. euro. Utrzymanie takiego kota nie może być tanie, lecz w tym egzemplarzu z pewnością atutem są rachunki za przebyty serwis i odbudowę silnika, opiewające na 45 tysięcy euro.




Brand Jaguar
Type XJ 220
Color Silver
Interior Grey
Year of build 1992
Price € 385.000,-

1993 JAGUAR XJ 220

– One of only 285 examples produced
– Engine rebuilt/service of € 45.000,- (invoices available)
– Superb color combination
– Supercar of the nineties

A dream has come true.

I still remember the day that my parents gave me a 1:18 size scale model when I was approximately 7 years old. We were in central London and it was my favorite out of hundreds of scale models.
The XJ 220 was a toy which I took everywhere but nobody else was allowed to play with it except myself.
After 3 years I first saw the XJ 220 in real. A customer of a Land Rover dealer where I was washing cars came by with his Jaguar XJ 220.
In Holland it was even more unique to see such a supercar as we have an extra road tax and therefore a Jaguar XJ 220 was costing over 1.000.000,- guilders which is nowadays the same in Euro’s.
After quite a big research we finally bought the Jaguar which we offer for sale now. It is a pity to sell her but unfortunately we cannot keep all of our dream cars.
A total of just 285 including prototypes (275 road cars) of the Jaguar XJ 220 have been produced and after some years all of these cars have finally been sold.
The story among the XJ 220 is impressive. It was introduced as being the fastest road car and customers were fighting to send over there deposit. After some years, they were fighting again to cancel their contracts as Jaguar changed the specification of the car. It was for example planned to come with a V12 engine but it was introduced with a 6 cylinder twin turbo engine.
So before the car was for sale, two extremes had occurred, Jaguar had sued some customers to buy the XJ 220 as they wanted to cancel their contract while at the introduction customers were giving blank checks to buy the Jaguar even if it became extremely expensive.


It took quite some time and looks at different XJ 220’s before we decided to buy this Jaguar XJ 220. Most of the cars have not been maintained as they have to be and others were full of damages and used quite a lot which occurred in a high mileage.
This specific example is first delivered in France at the 1st of October 1992.
Since it was delivered the Jaguar just drove 12.000 kilometers since new.
A full engine rebuilt including renewal of petrol tanks and rebuilt of turbo’s have been carried out a specialist and costed over € 45.000,- euro’s
You might understand why we have chosen for this specific example.


The Jaguar is almost as new. The condition is extremely nice without scratches or dents or other attention points.
The color is just fabulous and our personal favorite. The car looks rather big in Silver which makes her even more impressive to look at.


The condition of the interior is very nice as well without big scratches. One could see on the drivers seat that the car has been used very scarcely but actually this is a nice patina which belongs to the car.
The rest of the Jaguar is extremely nice, even the boot and both doorpanels.


The engine bay is probably the most impressive part of the car to look at. It is possible to see the engine thru the rear window. The engine looks very clean and as described above, the engine has been fully serviced and rebuilt for over € 45.000,-
The petrol tank and the turbo’s have been overhauled during that service as well.


Driving this Jaguar is an absolute amazing experience.
The sound, the power and the feeling you get when you drive the car is actually indescribable.
The Jaguar drives as it looks so very very special.