Lamborghini Espada S2 1970 – ok. 1000000 PLN – Belgia

Lamborghini Espada stworzone zostało w latach 60-tych, lecz niezwykły, futurystyczny projekt Marcello Gandiniego z Bertone zadziwia do dziś. Co więcej, ten grand tourer fascynuje nie tylko sylwetką, ale i swoimi możliwościami. Pod długą maską skrywa silnik V12 z Miury, posiada w pełni niezależne zawieszenie wszystkich kół, może pomieścić cztery dorosłe osoby i ma całkiem praktyczny bagażnik. Jedynie astronomiczna cena spowodowała, że nie wyprodukowano ich więcej niż 1217 sztuk, w ciągu ponad 10 lat produkcji. Prezentowany egzemplarz pochodzi z najbardziej poszukiwanej i cenionej drugiej serii produkcyjnej (jako jedna z 575 sztuk), wyróżniającej się zmodyfikowanym grillem i wnętrzem, a także najmocniejszym z wszystkich trzech serii silnikiem, rozwijającym 350 KM. Stan zachowania jest imponujący i poza drugą powłoką lakierniczą w pełni oryginalny.


Lamborghini Espada S2 (1971)
Very original and well maintained example.
Beautiful colour combination.

Year: 1971
Drive: LHD
Colour: Oro Metalizzato
Mileage: 110.885 km
Interior: Verde
Transmission: Manual
Price: 225.000 EUR

Is there any cooler car than the Lamborghini Espada? This stunning looking car, based on the striking Bertone designed Lamborghini Marzal concept, was quite unlike anything else on the road when it was launched in 1968. This Italian grand tourer still looks as fascinating today, with a glorious engine and room for four. Perhaps even more surprising than its exotic looks is the way it feels from behind the steering wheel. The Espada features a fully independent suspension, and the combination of the wide track and low centre of gravity endows it with an uncomparable level of body control, certainly compared to other sixties GT’s with a live-axle suspension set-up. It remains a car primarily set up for cruising though, albeit one which loves to rev. The Espada’s engine is a variation of the 3.9-litre V12 fitted to the Miura. Smaller carburettors reduce overall power output, but it’s still good for as much as 375 bhp at 7500 rpm, revving all the way to 8000. The long shift action of the gearbox doesn’t like to be rushed, and suits the relaxed nature well. It’s even practical, too. There is genuine space for four adults inside, and the boot is wide and square.

This fantastic example is a series 2 version, which is the most desirable of the three models. It still has the gorgeous Miura wheels with centre lock, and received a power hike compared to the series 1. This car was delivered new in Rome in 1970, and had in total 4 previous italian owners, who kept the car in this wonderful original condition. Except from a quality repaint in its factory colour Oro Metallizzato some years ago, this Espada remained untouched. Technically very well maintained, and with a nicely patinated and very period green upholstery, this is the ultimate example for the collector who likes originality. The car just received a full brake overhaul, and is completely serviced by a marque specialist and ready for a new owner.

With only 1217 models built over a ten year period, the Espada is quite a rare car. There is no other classic car which looks the same, and the iconic engine makes this GT a proper exotic. While prices of other Lamborghini’s are rocketing sky high these days, the Espada remains a reasonably affordable car. But for how much longer?