Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider America 1954 – Francja

Wyścigowy rodowód, 118 KM, silnik V6, układ transaxle, a to wszystko w przepięknym nadwoziu od Pininfariny. Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider America była roadsterem zbudowanym na skróconym podwoziu coupe. Zbudowano ich zaledwie 240 i według wielu jest to najpiękniejszy Spider lat 50-tych. Za tą rasową piękność nowy właściciel będzie musiał wyłożyć około 2,6-3 mln PLN.


4 February 2015
Lot 142

1954 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider America
To be auctioned on Wednesday, February 4, 2015
€625.000 – €725.000

Chassis no. B24-1055
Engine no. B24-1151

118 bhp, 2,451 cc SOHC V-6 engine with two twin-choke Weber 40 DCL5 carburettors, four-speed manual transaxle, independent sliding-pillar front suspension, de Dion rear axle with leaf springs and shock absorbers, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,451 mm.

One of the most desirable Lancia models
Restored with performance in mind
Numerous tasteful custom features

Lancia’s first post-war car, the revolutionary Aurelia, appeared in 1950. Its combination of the first production V-6 engine with a balanced transaxle gearbox and inboard rear brakes were revelations in post-war Europe. The initial B10 saloon was quickly followed by a coupé, the B20, which was built on a shortened platform. Although the Aurelia was built with a semi-unitary body, a platform for coachbuilders (the B50) was also offered, on which Pinin Farina built a four-seat cabriolet. However, it was felt that a proper open two-seater sport model was required, especially for the U.S. market.

The answer was the B24 Spider America, which was launched in 1954. Pinin Farina’s shapely roadster was built on a wheelbase that had been shortened a further 210 millimetres from the coupé, and it featured a dogleg wraparound windshield and side curtains, with no external handles for the doors or boot, to prevent interruption of the almost liquid lines. As Lancia had established itself in the early 1950s as a force in international competition, it is not surprising that hints of the marque’s D24 racing car could be seen in the look of the new sport car. After only 240 Spider Americas were built, a heavily revised model, the B24 convertible, was introduced in 1956. With an eye towards creature comforts rather than sportiness, the convertible added weight with roll-up windows, higher doors, more interior furnishings, and a more upright windshield. At once, the Spider America was destined to be set apart.

The car offered here is believed to be one of the fifty-nine original right-hand-drive Spider Americas produced, as judged by its long-term history in the British Isles and its British registration of SYK 6. In 2009, it was discovered in weathered condition and under the ownership of J.G. Woodgate, of Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Mr Woodgate had acquired the Lancia in 1973 and had driven it for some years before taking it apart, with the plan established to restore it and put it on display in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Unfortunately, that plan never came to fruition, and it was left to a new owner to complete the Lancia’s return to life.

With the original bodywork judged to have been damaged beyond repair, the Lancia’s new owner proceeded to have the body reskinned in lightweight aluminium and painted black. The chassis and engine are believed to still be original to the car. The interior was restored in eye-catching burnt orange leather, with several upgraded hardware components installed to improve usability and functionality. This car, which has recently been well-maintained in a prominent North American collection, remains in excellent cosmetic condition, and it presents beautifully in its unusual yet attractive colour combination.

This is an exciting automobile that was built with speed and power in mind, and it is ideal for the gentleman for whom the stock Spider America simply is not “hot” enough. It is light and powerful and will be a capable entrant for vintage rallies and other events.