Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint 1959 – Francja

Alfa Romeo 1900 była pierwszą konstrukcją marki przygotowaną do wytwarzania na linii produkcyjnej. W genach miała sportowy charakter, tempo nadawała jej doskonała 4-cylindrowa jednostka z podwójnym wałkiem rozrządu. Wersja Sprint Coupe oferowała nadwozie 2+2 (949 zbudowane sztuki), w Super Sprint wzmocniono silnik do 115 KM (854 sztuki). Tradycyjni klienci marki przywiązani byli do bardziej unikatowych konstrukcji i to dla nich powstawały jednostkowe konstrukcje z nadwoziami od najlepszych firm karoseryjnych – Ghia, Pinin Farina, Touring, Zagato, Bertone czy Vignale. Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint z nadwoziem szwajcarskiej Ghia-Aigle to jedna z zaledwie 5 wytworzonych sztuk. Jako nowa kosztowała małą fortunę, również dziś jej wycena może robić wrażenie. Licytowana Alfa ma kosztować ok. 670-920 tys. PLN.


Lot 6
€160,000 – 220,000
PLN 670,000 – 920,000

AUCTION 23127:
5 Sep 2015 18:15 CEST

1959 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint Coupé
Coachwork by Carrosserie Ghia, Aigle
Chassis no. AR1900C 10439

*Rare Italian/Swiss coachbuilder
*One of only five 1900C SS coupés built of which four are known to remain
*Unique styling
*Welcome at the most prestigious international concours events

Its factory devastated by wartime bombing, Alfa Romeo did not resume car production until 1947, the pre-war 2500C standing the Milan marque in good stead until 1952. The firm’s first all-new offering of the post-war period arrived in 1950. Designed by Dr Orazio Satta Puliga and intended for volume production, the 1900 was the first Alfa to employ unitary construction and – in keeping with the company’s sporting heritage – was powered by a twin-overhead-camshaft engine. A four-cylinder unit, the latter displaced 1,884cc and produced 90bhp, an output sufficient to propel the four-door saloon to 93mph.

Although ostensibly a humble family conveyance, the 1900 was endowed with sporting credentials which extended beyond its type of power unit, owners enjoying the benefits of wishbone and coil spring independent front suspension and an exceptionally well located live rear axle. It should have surprised nobody therefore, when the 1900’s potential was realised in the form of two high performance derivatives. Launched in 1951, the 1900C Sprint featured bodywork by Pinin Farina (cabriolet) and Touring (coupé), both models utilising the 100bhp engine of the 1900TI sports saloon. The Touring-bodied Sprint Coupé attracted such public acclaim that it was subsequently adopted as the basis for all future 'aerodynamic' Alfa Romeo coupés. One direct descendant was, of course, the lovely little Giulietta Sprint in which the family resemblance is immediately obvious.

The Sprint Coupé was designed to offer sporting performance together with '2+2′ accommodation – guaranteed to appeal to the sports car enthusiast with a family – while the heart-shaped vertical grille with matched horizontal side intakes became an Alfa trademark on later models. In June 1954 the engine was enlarged to 1,975cc and the model re-designated as the 'Super Sprint'. With 115bhp on tap and possessing an excellent power-to-weight ratio courtesy of the aluminium-alloy body, these cars could top 118mph. They shone in competitions of all kinds. A total of 949 Sprints and 854 Super Sprints had been made by the time production ceased.

This very limited production example of a landmark model from one of motoring’s most charismatic marques carries audacious coachwork by Carrosserie Ghia, Aigle, the Swiss offshoot of the famous Italian styling house. Founded on 30th April 1948 as Carrosserie Ghia SA, Aigle by Dr Pierre-Paul Filippi, a Torinese physician, the firm bodied cars to Ghia designs in Switzerland. Turin-based Carrozzeria Ghia was owned by Mario Boano at the time and its post-war products were initially styled by him, subsequently by Giovanni Michelotti and then by Pietro Frua.

In September 1954 the firm relocated from Aigle to Lugano, remaining there until April 1958 when it returned to Aigle. Ghia, Aigle was astonishingly eclectic in its choice of chassis, bodying cars from Delahaye, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën, Jaguar, Jowett, FIAT, Bugatti, Lancia, MG, Singer, Panhard, Austin-Healey, Bristol, Ferrari, Opel, Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, a wide variety of American makes and, of course, Alfa Romeo. Mainstream coachbuilding petered out in the early 1960s, the firm concentrating on repairs and the manufacture of bodies for ambulances, removal vans and other commercial applications thereafter. It went into liquidation in the mid-1980s.

Probably the work of Giovanni Michelotti, the car offered here is one of approximately ten Alfa Romeos bodied by Carrosserie Ghia, Aigle and cost a small fortune in its day. It was purchased in Switzerland by the current owner and comes with a €20,000 invoice for recent work carried out on the engine, gearbox, clutch and brakes. Described as in generally very good condition, and with EU taxes paid, this beautiful coachbuilt Alfa Romeo is offered with cancelled Swiss Carte Grise and would be welcome at all the most prestigious concours gatherings.