Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1 1964 – SPRZEDANA

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1 łączy wyścigowe piękno z inżynieryjną perfekcją i doskonałymi wynikami w sporcie. Pod wspaniałym nadwoziem projektu Zagato skrywa przestrzenną ramę z wyścigowym zawieszeniem i doskonałym silnikiem 1570 ccm, dzielonym z popularną serią 105 (Giulia). Powstała w ilości zaledwie 112 sztuk, będąc budowana podobnie jak współczesne jej modele Ferrari czy Maserati wyłącznie z myślą o rywalizacji na torze. Doskonały egzemplarz prezentuje dealer samochodów klasycznych Fantasy Junction z Kalifornii. Unikalność Alfy, w pełni znana historia i doskonały stan techniczny składają się na astronomiczną cenę 1,395 mln dolarów.


1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1
Known History, Raced in Period at Monza by Peter Mattli, No Expense Spared Sorting and Preparation

Price $1,395,000
VIN AR 10511 750 020
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Black
Mileage 71529 Kms
Engine 1600 c.c. 4-Cylinder
Transmission 5-Speed

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1
s/n AR 10511 750 020
Red with Black Interior

The TZ1 is a very special competition car built in extremely limited numbers. Introduced at the Turin Auto Salon in 1962, it is built on a sophisticated tubular chassis. The chassis is a dedicated tubular unit that weighs just 125 pounds, and as a result, ensuring that the TZ1 is a Giulia only in the loosest sense of the term. The specification is impressive, with independent suspension and disc brakes all around (inboard at the rear), aerodynamic Zagato Kamm tail bodywork, and Alfa Romeo’s venerable twin cam engine. With a weight of just 1459 pounds, the car was capable of 140mph. In the hands of privateers, the cars were incredibly successful, sweeping their class at Le Mans, Sebring, the Nurburgring, the Targa Florio, and the Coupe des Alpes. Just 120 examples were built making them tremendously rare and highly collectible.

This particular TZ was produced on October 16th 1964, and passed through the Autodelta workshops before being exported to the Swiss concessionaire in Lugano. The first owner was a gentleman driver called Peter Matli who raced the car in the 1965 Coppa BP at Monza. Presented at the race with a wide blue stripe to the nose, interestingly an extra air inlet was fitted at the front.

The car was then acquired some years later by a Swiss gentleman called Huber, who in the early 1976, sold the TZ to well-known Ferrari author Rob De La Rive Box. European collector Bart Rosman took ownership in the same year and then enjoyed a decade of ownership, regularly campaigning her in club events and the FIA European Historic Championship. Mr Rosman sold the car in 1985 to Anthony Mak Van Waay who continued the race the TZ in the FIA championship.

The previous owner acquired s/n 750020 from Mr Mak Van Waay via Lukas Huni in 1992, following a recent restoration. During this ownership period the car was maintained regardless of cost and used for spirited road driving and a number of circuit races including a recent outing at the Tour Auto.

A history from new:

1964: October 16, Italy. Official production date.

Autodelta, Italy: Race car according to Rob de la Rive Box, based on a letter he had from Alfa Romeo which referred to Autodelta tuning. (Stradale according to „Automobilismo d’epoca” in 2005).

Alfa Romeo Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland. Importer.

1965: With Peter Mattli, Switzerland. Raced the car in the 1965 Coppa BP at Monza race track according to „Automobilismo d’epoca”. Red with wide blue stripe.Extra air inlet in the nose. Position lights in the head light bowls.

Huber, Switzerland

1976: With Rob de la Rive Box, Vilmergen, Switzerland. (Dealer). Swiss Registered ZH284677.

1976: With Bart Rosman in The Netherlands, around Christmas. Bought from de la Rive Box together with Alfa Romeo SZ Coda Tronca 0180

1977: With Bart Rosman, seen March 14 arriving in the Netherlands

1977: With Bart Rosman, seen November 4 inThe Netherlands. Dutch Registered 24TT71.
Bart Rosman, The Netherlands, Raced the car in the FIA European Historic Championship.

1985: With Anthony Mak van Waay, The Netherlands. Raced the car in the FIA European Historic Championship

1988: With Anthony Mak van Waay, The Netherlands, Entered the car in the Coppa Italia.

1989: Sold.

1992: With Lukas Huni, Switzerland.

Sold to the UK.

2014: Sold to current owner, USA.

2015: Consigned to Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA USA.

Considerable portions of the information above curtesy of the Alfa Romeo TZ1 & TZII Registry, where there are several period photos available in color and black and white.

The current owner took further care to ensure the car was exceedingly well sorted and absolutely ready for any competition scenario. The correct-type 1600cc engine was rebuilt on his behalf by Norman Racing, world renowned Alfa experts. A comprehensive suspension restoration was undertaken, and considerable attention paid to driver ergonomics to accommodate a pilot 6’3” in stature.

The car drives extremely well and has a highly tuned aprox. 170bhp engine fitted with a racing gearbox which is surprisingly tractable for road use. Performance is excellent as one would expect and complements its nimble and agile handling characteristics. Benefited by known ownership history, and offered with a comprehensive history file and HTP papers, this highly original and very well sorted TZ1 is sure to bring its new custodian immense pleasure be whether it be on the concours field or rocketing down Mulsanne Straight at the Le Mans Classic.