Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972 – SPRZEDANA

Alfa Romeo Montreal ujmuje swoją nieszablonową sylwetką, w której możemy odnaleźć szereg nawiązań do superegzotycznego wozu, jakim była Lamborghini Miura. Oba włoskie projekty łączy epoka i osoba projektanta, młodego Marcello Gandini’ego z Bertone, który przy obu wzniósł się na absolutne wyżyny swojego nieprzeciętnego talentu. W zestawieniu tych dwóch samochodów, to Alfa Romeo jest tym zdecydowanie bardziej przystępnym i przyjaznym w użytku. Zastosowana tu jednostka V8 posiada podwójne wałki rozrządu, suchą miskę olejową i nowoczesny układ wtryskowy. Z niewielkiej pojemności 2,6 l uzyskano imponujące 200 KM, zapewniające przyspieszenie do pierwszej setki w 7,6 s. Licytowany egzemplarz wciąż prezentuje się imponująco, mimo że nigdy nie był poddawany pełnej renowacji. Dla łatwiejszego serwisowania oryginalny wtrysk Spica został tu zastąpiony tradycyjnymi gaźnikami. Oczekiwana cena: ok. 160-180 tys. PLN, na aukcji poszybowała do 41 625 funtów szterlingów, a więc ponad 211 tys. PLN!


Race Retro Classic Car Sale 2017
Day 1 : Lots 201-315, 401-431, 501-548

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal
Lot No.: 540

Registration: FRA 690L
Chassis Number: 105641426693
Engine Number: –
Number of cylinders: 8
CC: 2600cc
Year of Manufacture: 1972
Estimate (£): 32,000 – 36,000

In 1967, Alfa Romeo dipped its toe into the Supercar sector by launching the Montreal, named after the Montreal Expo where it made its debut.

Initially fitted with Alfa’s four cylinder, twin cam engine, by the time the Montreal was launched, for a limited production run at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, this had changed to an all-new V8 quad-cam competition-derived power unit with dry sump lubrication taken from the successful Type 33 sports racer and mated to a 5 speed ZF gearbox, an altogether more appropriate power plant for such an exotic machine. With a capacity of 2,593cc, the V8 featured twin overhead camshafts per bank and produced, via Alfa Romeo/Spica fuel injection and Bosch electronic ignition, 200bhp at 6,500rpm. This provided excellent performance with a top speed of 137mph and 0-60mph in just 7.6 seconds.

Under the exotic Bertone designed 2+2 coupé coachwork, the Montreal incorporated many stylish features, such as the headlamp eyelids and the NACA duct on the bonnet. The floorpan was derived from a modified 1750 GTV chassis and sported independent coil sprung front suspension, live coil sprung rear axle, limited slip differential and ventilated discs. This resulted in excellent road holding and braking. In the stylish interior, the seats had built-in adjustable headrests and an unusual external feature was vacuum-operated headlamp stone guards.

This Alfa Romeo Montreal was first delivered to France, where it remained until 1989 before being imported into the UK. In 1993 it was purchased by the current keeper, and it has remained in his ownership for 22 years and is now being offered for public sale.
Our vendor is a professional mechanic and the car, whilst never being fully restored, has been well very maintained and tastefully upgraded throughout its life. These upgrades include the replacement of the notoriously problematic injection system with a more traditional and reliable carburetor arrangement which really makes the engine sound throaty, and growl as a V8 should.

Another beneficial modification some years ago, was a Harvey Bailey handling kit which we understand really transforms the car’s road manners and predictability.

Showing a, possibly genuine, 44,678kms from new, the car is accompanied by almost all its MoTs since 1993 at which point the mileage was just 39,223kms. From looking at the extensive history file, which includes a vast quantity of invoices, it is clear that this car has been well loved.

A very honest car that would benefit from further TLC to improve its aesthetics, this landmark Alfa is now in need of a new custodian who will be happy to realise this car’s potential.

We were all a little wary of Montreals a couple of decades ago, after all, the design is nearly 50 years old, they are a little complex, and there aren’t many around, however with the arrival of the Internet, any problem can be solved within minutes by the International band of Montreal enthusiasts which, as a potential new owner, is very comforting. The Montreal is a true piece of Italian design, its looks have stood the test of time and they can now be made reliable, which is probably why they are starting to get the attention they deserve.

A very honest car that would benefit from further TLC to improve its aesthetics, this landmark Alfa is now in need of a new custodian who will be happy to realise this car’s potential.