Audi Sport Quattro 1985 – Włochy

Oferowane Audi Sport Quattro to drogowa wersja ikony sportów motorowych. Model zbudowano w 214 egzemplarzach na potrzeby homologacyjne rajdowej grupy B, z czego nabywców znalazły jedynie 164 sztuki w wersji drogowej. Ta skrócona wersja Audi quattro, która swoją premierę miała na IAA we Frankfurcie w 1983 roku, wyposażona została w silnik 5-cylindrowy o aluminiowym bloku z 20-zaworową głowicą i turbosprężarką. To właśnie ten silnik pozwolił osiągnąć 306 KM już w drogowej wersji. Okaz wystawiony na aukcji po dwóch latach wrócił do fabryki w Ingolstadt, gdzie jego oryginalny aluminiowy blok silnika zastąpiony został nowym, stalowym. Dziś auto ma jedynie 90 tys. km przebiegu i jest po dużym serwisie silnika, który aktualnie generuje 348 KM. Audi wycenione zostało na 300 – 350 tys. euro, czyli około 1,2 – 1,4 miliona złotych.

27 May 2017

Lot 124
1985 Audi Sport Quattro
Chassis no. WAUZZZ85ZEA905148
€300.000 – €350.000

To be auctioned on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Built for Group B homologation
Extremely rare; only 164 road versions
Superb maintenance record, including major engine service
90,500 original kilometres; minimal recent use

The Audi Sport quattro offered here is a road-going descendent of the marque’s hugely successful motorsport icon. Produced as part of the Group B homologation requirements, which ruled that 200 street-legal cars must be sold, Audi built slightly more than the mandated 200 examples, but only around 164 road cars were ever sold. This Sport quattro was manufactured on 17 December 1984 and was first registered by Audi AG in May 1985. Within its first two years, this car was sent back to the factory at Ingolstadt, where its original aluminium-alloy engine block was replaced with a new steel block. This was a not-uncommon upgrade, as the original and no-longer-available alloy blocks had proven to be both porous and subject to cracking.

It has since been fanatically maintained, supported by a comprehensive history file and original supporting invoices. The list of maintenance work is extensive and includes a major engine overhaul by MTM Mayer in 2010, at which time the engine was confirmed to produce 348 PS and 348 NM of torque—slightly more than the official factory figures from when the car was new.

Selected other maintenance work includes attention to the front axle wheel bearings and drive shaft, new distributor, spark plugs and air mass meter, as well as a new windscreen. Since 2012, this Sport quattro has been stored in a warehouse, having been moved regularly, and is thought to have travelled less than 10,000 kilometres in the last 10 years. Prior to the sale, this car will be subject to a full Audi inspection, with all necessary work taken care of, including new belts.

For those interested in this incredible piece of motoring history, it is worth taking the time to review the detailed work undertaken over the years in order to appreciate the fastidious nature of care and attention lavished on this car throughout its life. This Sport quattro will undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to any collection of high-performance rally legends.