Austin Healey 3000 Mk3 1967 – 78500 EUR – Holandia

Big Healey to bez wątpienia kultowy wóz, ale ten egzemplarz szczególnie ujmuje swoim fantastycznie zachowanym, oryginalnym stanem. Ma wciąż oryginalny lakier, pierwszą tapicerkę, oryginalny silnik i oryginalny miękki dach. Podobnie elementy chromowane, klucze czy książki serwisowe. Taki egzemplarz jest jak podróż w czasie. Jeśli myślisz, że jest to samochód wymagający generalnego remontu, jesteś w błędzie. Samochód został niedawno w pełni przygotowany, uwzględniono jedynie aspekty mechaniczne i nie poczyniono żadnych ustępstw w stosunku do jego pierwotnego charakteru. Według zapewnień sprzedającego, jazda Healeyem jest więcej niż wspaniała! Wrażeniom, jakie wywołuje ta 3000-tka, nie może dorównać żaden odrestaurowany samochód.


Austin Healey 3000 Mk3
Rocznik: 1967
Przebieg: 142408 km
Pojemność: 3000 cm³
Rodzaj paliwa: benzyna
Skrzynia biegów: manualna

Cena: 78500 EUR

First paint
Original interior
Only 88000 miles
Collectors quality

A car that still retains its original paint, the first upholstery on the two seats, its original engine, and when it rains, it has to make do with the original convertible top. The chrome work such as bumpers and decorative trim? Original! The maintenance booklet? Original! The keys? Original! We could detail everything, but let’s summarise it as one grand journey back in time. An amazing journey, I must say, because this Austin-Healey is a unique car. You may be wondering if there’s anything that’s not quite right? We warmly invite you to come and check out this incredible car for yourself.

The Big Healey you see here was ready at the dealer in Greensboro, North Carolina, on August 25, 1967, when the first owner, John Newman, came to pick it up. The first owner ordered the car in black with red leather, exactly as it is today. Newman undoubtedly enjoyed driving with the biggest smile on his face as he emptied the first tank of his 3000 that day, and he didn’t part with his car for a long time. Newman not only kept everything with his car, such as the purchase contract, the service booklet, the hardcover instruction booklet, and the keys and delivery card, but he was also very careful with his pride and joy.

As a result, the car always remained in fantastic condition. That fantastic condition has endured, so the car is still in its original paint and all other aspects are also entirely original.

If you’re thinking that this must undoubtedly be a car that needs a complete overhaul, you’re mistaken. The car has recently been fully prepared, with only the mechanical aspects being addressed, and no concessions were made to its original character.

Driving the Healey is more than wonderful! The feeling that this 3000 conveys cannot be matched by any restored car. The original character of this car permeates everything, whether it’s the feel of the leather upholstery, the allure of the original but still beautiful paint – everything is truly unique. Because the car’s technology has been addressed, this roadster performs fantastically, and with its strong six-cylinder engine, it’s a joy to be on the road with the Healey. Chassis, brakes, steering: this Healey feels like one of the freshest 3000s we’ve ever driven and, in the meantime, has the finest history a car can have: complete originality!

Should we even mention the beautiful wire wheels? The stylish gauges and the magnificent steering wheel? We suspect we need not have to state the obvious. Normally, these are details that might be the deciding factor in a purchase, but if the above story hasn’t convinced you without these minor details, we don’t know what will.

As we mentioned, the car comes with all the original documents, booklets, necessary invoices, documents, and articles. We conclude with a document that adds great value to a car like this: the Heritage Trust Certificate. What a car…

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