BMW 2002 1974 – SPRZEDANE

Jego sylwetka zdaje się być dość popularna i zwyczajna, jednak to rajdowe BMW 2002 to prawdziwy unikat. To jeden z dwóch egzemplarzy zbudowanych przez BMW Motorsport na przełomie 1974/75 z wykorzystaniem czterocylindrowej jednostki M12/7 wywodzącej się z Formuły 2. Jego dwulitrowy wolnossący silnik gotowy był osiągać imponujące 285 KM przy 10 tys. obr./min. Bliźniaczy egzemplarz był przygotowany do wyścigów i wygrał klasę w 24h Le Mans, ten licytowany podbijał rajdowe trasy, a za jego kierownicą zasiadali Achim Warmbold, Bjorn Waldegaard i Ari Vatanen. Pilotem tego pierwszego był obecny prezes FIA, Jean Todt. Na liczniku rajdówki widnieje aktualnie 11 tys. km, po kilkunastu latach przechowywania samochód został ponownie przygotowany do jazdy, a jego silnik dla zwiększenia trwałości ma obniżone maksymalne obroty do 7500 obr./min (przy których osiąga 239 KM). BMW zostało sprzedane za imponującą kwotę ok. 697 tys. PLN (wliczając prowizję domu aukcyjnego).


Lot 419
1974 BMW 2002 RALLY CAR
Registration no. IIJ 555
Chassis no. 3635815
Engine no. 3635815

£120,000 – 150,000
PLN 680,000 – 850,000
Sold for £119,100 (PLN 696,653) inc. premium

AUCTION 22685:
Important Collectors’ Automobilia, Motorcycles and Motor Cars
20 Jun 2015 15:00 BST

1974 BMW 2002 Rally Car
Registration no. IIJ 555
Chassis no. 3635815
Engine no. 3635815

The 2002 is one of the most celebrated of modern BMWs. While the 1500 had been the foundation of BMW’s post-war resurgence as a maker of sports saloons par excellence, the 2002 may be considered its ultimate incarnation. The 2002’s immediate ancestor was the two-door 1600, which was styled by Giovanni Michelotti, the masterly Italian designer who had collaborated with BMW’s Wilhelm Hofmeister on several models during the 1950s. Introduced in 1968, the 2002 was powered by a 1,990cc, 100bhp version of BMW’s classic M10 single-overhead-camshaft four-cylinder engine. Complementing the 2002 base model were a pair of higher performance versions, the 2002Ti and fuel-injected 2002Tii. Endowed with attractive styling, more than adequate performance, reasonable economy and excellent controllability, the 2002 proved outstandingly successful, nearly 400,000 of all types being produced between 1968 and 1976.

Although BMW was always more interested in motor racing, the works did use the 2002 as the basis for a limited rallying programme during the late 1960s/early 1970s, the car making its debut on the 1969 Monte Carlo Rally. By the time the factory withdrew to concentrate on touring car racing, the 2002 had but one major victory to its credit: the 1972 TAP Portuguese Rally, which was won by Achim Wormbald.

The BMW 2002 offered here is one of two cars built by BMW Motorsport in 1974/75 using a modified M12/7 Formula 2 engine. The vendor remembers first seeing this car in June 1975 on the Donegal International Rally, which it won driven by Warmbold/Davenport. The BMW was entered by KWS Autotechnic of Koblenz, Germany and sponsored by Radio Luxembourg, whose white and green livery it retains to this day. The sister car had been purchased from BMW Motorsport by Max Heidegger of Liechtenstein and modified for circuit racing. In 1975 Heideger entered his BMW 2002 in the Le Mans 24-Hour Race, winning the 2-Litre class and finishing 27th overall, a staggering achievement for a production-based touring car. In a letter on file, Mr Heidegger states that his car was dismantled and sold for parts the following year, the bodyshell being scrapped.

Chassis number '3635815′ was rallied in period by Warmbold and also driven by Bjorn Waldegaard and Ari Vatanen. During the 1973 and 1974 seasons Warmbold’s co-driver was Jean Todt, later team manager of Peugeot and Ferrari, and currently president of the FIA. In 1976, the BMW was purchased by Isaac Agnew Ltd of Belfast, the BMW importers for Northern Ireland, who had purchased it from Warmbold. The car was driven sparingly by the owner’s son until the current vendor purchased it in 1978, at which time the odometer reading was just over 9,000 kilometres (approximately 5,600 miles). Together with his brother, the vendor rallied the BMW in local Tarmac stage events and even used it once for his journey to work at the Ministry of Agriculture. It was always very reliable, despite having 285bhp on tap at 10,000rpm.

The car was kept in dry storage from 1978 to 1993 when it was removed for restoration, which has now almost been completed. Renovation included an engine rebuild by one of Europe’s foremost BMW historic competition specialists Mr Lester Owen of Telford, whose letter and dynamometer printout is on file. At the owner’s request the engine was only run up to 7,500rpm, at which it was producing 239bhp. The vendor advises us that apart from the brakes, which have been replaced, '3635815′ is 95% original, which is quite some achievement for a 40-year-old competition car. The current odometer reading is approximately 11,000 kilometres.

Described by the private vendor as in generally excellent condition, this unique 2002 rally car represents a probably once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the BMW collector to acquire an important piece of the factory’s competition history, potentially eligible for a wide variety of historic motor sports events including Le Mans Classic. Accompanying documentation consists of the aforementioned correspondence and another letter from BMW Motorsport GmbH confirming that only two cars of this type were built.