BMW 507 1957 – Włochy

BMW 507 jest ikoną designu i rzemiosła motoryzacyjnego. Pochodzi z Bawarii, z lat ’60 dwudziestego wieku. W historii tego samochodu, tak jak Gullwinga czy Porsche 356 Cabriolet, pojawia się nazwisko Maxa Hoffmanna. To właśnie on stał się po części inicjatorem i ojcem sukcesu tych wspaniałych samochodów, wprowadzając je na amerykański rynek. Model 507 miał być powitaniem BMW z nabywcami z USA, którzy do tej pory kojarzyli markę jedynie ze statecznymi sedanami i microcarem Isettą. Każdy z 251 wyprodukowanych egzemplarzy BMW 507 napędzał silnik V8 skryty pod pięknym, aluminiowym nadwoziem. Dziś jedno z nich wystawione zostało na aukcji z zaledwie 73000 km przebiegu i jednym właścicielem od 51 lat. BMW pochodzące z pierwszej serii oryginalnie w kolorze zgaszonej bieli z czerwonym skórzanym wnętrzem, wyposażone było w stylowe opony z białą ścianką, radio Becker oraz hardtop. Obecnie nosi ślady wieloletniej, acz ostrożnej eksploatacji i wycenione zostało na 1,7 – 2 miliony euro, czyli około 7,1 – 8,4 miliona złotych.


27 May 2017

Lot 134
1957 BMW 507 Roadster Series I
Chassis no. 70044
Engine no. 40051
€1.700.000 – €2.000.000

To be auctioned on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Single ownership for 51 years with four owners and 73,000 original kilometres from new
One of only 252 examples produced; exceptionally rare Series I
Highly original, including its original interior

One of BMW’s most celebrated vehicles, the 507 has remained an icon of design and Bavarian craftsmanship for 60 years. Conceived by the legendary American sports car dealer Max Hoffman, the 507 was intended to be the manufacturer’s halo car, bringing a company then known for mundane sedans and microcars into competition with the likes of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Sold new through Automag Buchner & Linse of Munich, Germany, chassis number 70044 is a rare first-series 507, produced in July of 1957. Originally finished in Papyros, a scarce shade of off-white with a red leather interior, it was equipped with whitewall tires, a hardtop, and a Becker Mexico radio with an automatic antenna. The car’s first owner would be Herbert Dinkheller, who worked for a tobacco company in Frankfurt and who acquired the car shortly after it was built. While the 507 was registered under the name of his company at first, ownership was later transferred to Dinkheller personally in November of that year. The car was purchased from Dinkheller by its second owner in April of 1958.

The car’s third owner, Hermann Beilharz of Mötzingen, would be the car’s longest custodian. Beilharz was a successful amateur racer of Honda motorcycles and bought the 507 with what little funds he could scrape together, as his pride and joy. Throughout the course of his ownership spanning over five decades, he made sure it was always well maintained whilst being stored carefully and driven regularly during the summer months. Photos are on file of the car from throughout Beilharz’s ownership, including some of him posed with the car on his wedding day. It was acquired by its current owner in 2014.

When the car was originally acquired by Beilharz, he refinished it in its current shade of sea green early in his ownership, contrasting wonderfully with its black hardtop. The original red leather interior shows the wear requisite for the 73,000 original kilometres on its odometer. Recently refitted with its proper front bumper and steel wheels, the car retains a set of colour-matched Rudge wheels, which will be included in the sale, along with a tool kit, owner’s manual, factory brochure, and certificate from BMW. While with its current owner, front disc brakes were installed to provide additional braking power; the original front brakes accompany the car. Furthermore, the car is still accompanied by its original German Fahrzeugbrief and a letter from Hermann Beilharz, which confirms its limited ownership history.

Having been cherished and well maintained by an enthusiast owner for over five decades, this car’s character and patina showcase its many years of adoration and careful use. Finding such a well-preserved example with its original engine is virtually unheard of.

Perfect for the casual Sunday drive or the basis of a concours restoration, this 507 will open a world of possibilities to its next owner.