BMW Z8 Alpina V8 Roadster 2004 – Francja

BMW Z8 powstało na bazie sukcesów swojego poprzednika BMW Z3 oraz na fali panującej mody na styl retro. Pokazanie na tokijskim salonie konceptu roadstera o kodzie Z07, odwołującego się designem do BMW 507 Albrechta von Goetz, wywołało niemałe poruszenie. Model produkcyjny ujrzał światło dzienne jako BMW Z8 i pozostał wierny koncepcji oraz jej detalom, jak dzielona kratka grilla, wloty powietrza i charakterystyczne wnętrze samochodu. Kiedy w roku 2002 zamknięto produkcję Z8 liczbą 5703 egzemplarzy, rynek wciąż gotowy był przyjąć więcej. Tu na rynku pojawia się BMW Z8 Alpina V8 Roadster, która to samo niezwykłe, lekkie, aluminiowe nadwozie połączyła z własnym silnikiem 4.8-litra z Alpiny B10 V8 S oraz automatyczną skrzynię ZF Switchtronic. Spadek mocy maksymalnej z 400 KM do 375 KM może się wydawać dość nietypowym krokiem tuningu, lecz Alpina zawsze szła własną drogą. Silnik generował większy moment obrotowy przy niższych obrotach, co lepiej sprawdzało się w normalnych, drogowych warunkach, we współpracy z automatyczną skrzynią biegów. Zmieniono także zawieszenie oraz felgi na 20-calowe z niższym profilem opony. Oferowany Alpina to jedna z 555 wyprodukowanych sztuk. Z czarnym lakierem pięknie komponuje się czarno-kremowe skórzane wnętrze samochodu, które Alpina zaaranżowała również na własny sposób, obszywając je wysokogatunkową skórą Nappa. W zestawie z samochodem jest hardtop ze stojakiem oraz wiele oryginalnych akcesoriów. Egzemplarz wyceniony został na 320 000 – 380 000 euro, czyli ok. 1,4 – 1,7 miliona złotych.


Lot 371
€320,000 – 380,000
PLN 1,400,000 – 1,700,000
13:30 CET


2004 BMW Z8 Alpina V8 Roadster with Hardtop
Chassis no. WBAEJ13483AH62238
Engine no. 70016228

• Rare and exclusive limited edition model
• One of 555 built
• Delivered new in the USA
• Three owners
• Circa 20,000 kilometres from new

In recent times many motor manufacturers, particularly those with a significant sporting heritage, have felt the need to reference iconic models from the past when launching their latest. BMW has proved adept at exploiting this 'retro' trend, commencing in 1996 with the Z3 coupé and convertible, the styling of which brilliantly recalled its fabulous '328′ sports car of pre-war days. Its next effort along similar lines – the 'Z07′ concept car of 1997 – took its inspiration from the post-war Albrecht von Goetz-designed '507′, a luxurious limited-edition roadster.

The sensation of the 1997 Tokyo Auto Show, the Z07 was received so enthusiastically that BMW took the decision to press ahead with a production version: the Z8. For the most part the Z8 remained remarkably faithful to the original concept, retaining the 507-like twin-nostril front grille and distinctive front-wing vents. A period-style interior had been one of the Z07’s most remarked upon features, and that too made it into the Z8.

The Z8’s body panelling and spaceframe chassis were fabricated in lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium, while the 32-valve 4,941cc V8 engine, shared with the M5 saloon, was built by BMW’s Motorsport division. With 400bhp on tap, the Z8 raced to 100km/h (62mph) in 4.7 seconds and only the built-in rev limiter stopped it from exceeding 250km/h (155mph). Power reached the run-flat tyres via a Getrag six-speed manual gearbox. Needless to say, the Z8 also came with all the modern appurtenances one would expect of a flagship model: traction control, stability control, front and side air bags, GPS navigation, climate control and power operation of the seats, steering wheel and convertible hood all being included in the package.

The fact that the Z8 was a low-volume model assembled, for the most part, by hand, enabled BMW to offer customers considerable freedom in personalising their cars. Further enhancing its appeal to collectors, the factory announced that a 50-year stockpile of Z8 parts would be maintained. Despite a (US) launch price of over $128,000, initial demand was so high that a bidding war broke out, with many Z8s selling for well in excess of that figure. By the time production ceased at the end of 2002, 5,703 of these fabulous cars had been built.

But that was not quite the end of the Z8 story, for BMW tuning specialist Alpina then introduced its own, even more exclusive version: the Alpina V8 Roadster. Alpina’s product was less hard-edged and considerably more refined than the original, being equipped with a 4.8-litre engine from the 5-Series Alpina B10 V8 S and an Alpina-specified ZF five-speed 'Switchtronic' automatic transmission with paddle-shift operation. With a maximum of 375bhp on tap, the Roadster’s slightly smaller engine was re-tuned for greater torque at lower revs, which better suited the automatic transmission. Top speed was limited to 161mph, with 60mph coming up in 5.0 seconds, only a couple of tenths slower than the original Z8.

The suspension was revised to provide a more supple ride, and the original 18″ wheels and run-flat tyres replaced with 20″ rims and tyres with taller sidewalls. Re-trimmed in softer Nappa leather, the interior boasted many Alpina-specific touches including the steering wheel, gauges, and gear selection display. As its specification suggests, the Alpina V8 was targeted at the North American market, which took 450 units out of the 555 scheduled for production.

Car & Driver reckoned the car was well suited to its newly acquired persona: 'In fact, some of us, who regard the Z8 more as a design icon than a serious sports car, reckon the Alpina Roadster V8, with its easygoing power delivery and automatic transmission, is what this car should have been all along.'

First registered on 1st September 2004, the limited edition Alpina V8 offered here has had only three owners – all collectors – from new. The first owner, David Michael of Florida, USA kept the car until March 2010 when it passed to a Mr Scholdra Germany. The current vendor purchased the BMW for his private collection in July 2014, by which time it had covered only 17,948 kilometres from new. The current odometer reading is circa 20,000 kilometres.
Superior to those of the original Z8, this car’s special features include heated seats; climate control; AM/FM stereo; CD changer; centre-mounted Alpina gauges in blue; xenon headlights with Dynamic Auto-Levelling; hand-stitched Alpina steering wheel with shift buttons and Alpina centre cap; 20″ Alpina Dynamic alloy wheels; and a battery charger for when the car is in storage. It has also had over mats fitted since new.

Finished in black with two-tone cream/black leather interior, the car comes complete with hardtop, hardtop cover, hardtop stand, and hardtop stand cover; wind deflector and cover; original tools; front cup holder; phone pack (new in box); original wallet; and the Alpina key pouch containing both numbered keys, chauffeurs key, and plastic key. Accompanying documentation consists of the original US Certificate of Title; original German registration document; German Klassische document (dated 2012) and a current UK V5C registration document and MoT certificate.
Recently serviced by Sytners BMW in the UK, this Z8 Alpina Roadster is in immaculate condition throughout.