Buick GNX 1987 – SPRZEDANY

W połowie lat 80-tych nie było wśród amerykańskich samochodów modeli, które osiągałyby dziś wyższy status i ceny. Buick GNX to wyjątkowy okaz z liczącej zaledwie 547 sztuk i oferowanej tylko w jednym roku serii „Grand National Experimental”. Silnik V6 o pojemności 3,8 l doposażany został w turbosprężarkę Garrett T-3 z ceramicznym wirnikiem oraz intercoolerem. Jego osiągi były imponujące – według pomiarów magazynu MotorTrend samochód przyspieszał lepiej niż Ferrari F40 i Porsche 911 Turbo. Na aukcji wystawiony jest fabrycznie nowy egzemplarz (68 mil przebiegu) o numerze 547, czyli ostatni wyprodukowany. Co ciekawe fabryka po zakończeniu serii próbowała odzyskać ten egzemplarz, proponując w zamian egzemplarz numer 500 oraz Buick’a Reatta. Dealer odmówił, dzięki czemu po latach ten egzemplarz nie stoi w fabrycznym muzeum, lecz trafił na otwartą aukcję. Buick jest prawdziwą kapsułą czasu, zachowany wciąż w fabrycznym stanie, wyceniony został przez dom aukcyjny Mecum na 175 – 250 tys. dolarów, a wylicytowany został za 220 000 dolarów.

Link: https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0117-269466/1987-buick-gnx/

LOT F155 KISSIMMEE 2017 JAN 6-15
The Last GNX Built, 68 Miles


Engine: 3.8L
Trans: Automatic
Color: Black
Interior: Gray
ESTIMATE: $175,000 – $250,000

GNX No. 547 of 547
The last GNX built
68 original miles
Two owners since new
Original paint and interior
Window sticker and factory plastic still intact

Sold new at North Side Buick in Pittsburgh, PA for $10,000 over sticker price
Buick original set aside GNX No. 1 and 500 to keep in their museum

Since a total of 547 were eventually produced, Buick contacted the Pittsburgh dealership and offered to give the original owner GNX No. 500 and a new Buick Reatta to acquire the last GNX built
The original owner turned down the offer and kept the car in a climate controlled facility for years
The current owner purchased the car from the original owner personalized GNX book and jacket, owner’s manual and letter from North Side Buick
Featured on the cover of Muscle Car Review in February 2017
Still on the MSO

Amazing, but true: this two-owner 1987 Buick GNX is number 547 of 547 produced, and it has been preserved in sparkling condition with just 68 original miles showing on the odometer. It was purchased new at North Side Buick in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for $10,000 more than the sticker price, the latter fact not surprising given the demand for these breakthrough second-generation muscle cars since their introduction. Oldsmobile installed a turbocharged version of Buick’s all-aluminum V-8 in the 1962 F-85, but it was not until 1978 that Buick unveiled its turbo V-6 with a primitive carbureted-induction system. After testing the market with two more offerings, Buick pulled out all the stops in 1987, issuing the limited-edition, one-year-only GNX. Produced in collaboration with American Sunroof Corporation and McLaren Specialty Products, the GNX began life on the Buick assembly line, which it departed brimming with optional extras. The next stop was McLaren’s facility in Livonia, Michigan, where each car’s 3.8L V-6 was modified with a McLaren-developed turbocharger and air-to-air intercoolers supplied by Garrett. Custom 16-inch aluminum wheels and tires were installed in custom flared wheel wells, and vents were installed in the front fenders to extract under-hood heat. The body structure and suspension were also massaged for improved handling.

The GNX became an instant collectible, even to the powers at Buick, who set aside GNX numbers 001 and 500 for display in the division’s museum. Since a total of 547 were eventually produced, Buick contacted North Side Buick and offered to trade GNX number 500 and a brand-new Buick Reatta in exchange for number 547. The offer was politely turned down and the car has remained in climate-controlled storage since in factory-original condition. Accompanied with its personalized GNX book and jacket, owner’s manual and letter from North Side Buick stating this car carries the last GNX number assigned by Buick, this time capsule will be featured on the cover of „Muscle Car Review” in February 2017. With the original window sticker and protective plastic still in place, this car is worthy of holding the title of “The Last GNX.”