Cadillac DeVille Coupe 1959 – SPRZEDANY

Cadillac DeVille Coupe 1959 w kolorze różowym od razu przywodzi na myśl lata 50-te, rock’n’roll i ikonę popkultury, Elvisa Presleya. Choć oryginalny różowy Cadillac był czterodrzwiowym sedanem z 1955 roku, po latach każda legenda rośnie w oczach – stąd dziś większość replik to najbardziej efektowne cabrio z 1959, będące bohaterem filmu „Różowy Cadillac” z Clintem Eastwood’em i sprzedawane w niezliczonej ilości miniatur. W skali 1:1 mogliśmy wejść w posiadanie fantastycznego coupe już w ostatnią sobotę. Zwycięzca zdecydował się wyłożyć 34664 euro (ok. 143 tys. PLN).


Sold for € 34,664.00
Estimated € 40,000.00
Starting at € 20,000.00

Cadillac Series 63 Coupe DeVille
Cadillac, model 1959
Registration date: 1959
Vehicle identification number: 59J062775
V8 389.56 cubic inch engine
Hydra Matic automatic gear shift
Mileage displayed: original 57,944 miles
Color: pink; interior: black/white
Hungarian documents / Vintage car registration

This Series 63 Coupe DeVille exudes an air of glamor and associations with the King of Rock’n Roll come up at once: The shape coupled with the loud pink paintwork take the observer right to Las Vegas – back to the days of Rock’n Roll. This DeVille is not only an eye-catcher, it is also as much fun to drive as its appearance promises. The new owner will not only get a Cadillac, he will get a living legend that will make him feel like Elvis Presley.

The Cadillac Coupe DeVille is the prototype of American road cruisers. Hardly any other vehicle has been referred to in popular culture, in song titles or in movies as often as this car. Especially the DeVille Series 63, worked over in early 1959, embodies American lifestyle like no other car does. The covered rear wheels, the pointed tail fins and the rocket-shaped rear lights strike at once. The rear lights on the rear bumper call reminiscence of rocket nozzles, which are stylistic elements characteristic of Futurism. In 1960 some of these extravagant details gave way to more conventional forms: The rocket-shaped rear lights were replaced by more sensible vertical ones. However, the alterations did not stop the fascination for the Cadillac Coupe DeVille, which both young and old still feel today.