Citroen ID 19 1963 – SPRZEDANY

Citroen ID 19 debiutował w 1957 roku, będąc nieco uproszczoną wersją modelu DS, zwanej „Bogini”. Zachował przepiękną sylwetkę siostry i jej najważniejszą techniczną innowację – hydropneumatyczne zawieszenie. Zmiany ograniczyły się do uproszczenia układu hydraulicznego (rezygnacja ze wspomagania kierownicy, układu hamulcowego i automatycznego sprzęgła) oraz drobnych zmian wizualnych we wnętrzu. Licytowany egzemplarz zachowany jest w przepięknie oryginalnym stanie, i choć jego cena wywoławcza wynosiła zaledwie 9000 euro, uzyskano imponujące 25704 euro (ponad 100 tys. PLN).


May 4, 2015
12 pm EDT

Sold for € 25,704.00
Estimated € 18,000.00
Starting at € 9,000.00

14 | CITROEN ID 19, The French Goddess, Model 1963

Citroen ID 19 P
Citroen, France, model 1963
Registration date: 22 May, 1963
Vehicle identification number: ID193276939
Engine identification number: 233002949
1.8 liter engine with 80 hp
4 gear manual transmission
Mileage in kilometers displayed: 97,063
Color: ivory white; interior: brown cloth
Dutch documents
German inspection with H-registration for historical vehicles passed
In original condition

The last owner of this legendary Citroen model, also known as’ Goddess’ or 'Shark’, bought it second hand in France in 1998. What is especially remarkable about it is its excellent original state of preservation, particularly the unwelded and entirely untreated underbody. The interior is in likewise original condition. The engine was completely overhauled in 2003, invoices are at hand. This 'Goddess’ appeals to both collectors as well as passionate 'classic drivers’, because it was given an electronic ignition and new Michelin tires, as well as a new battery. The hydraulic system is leak-tight and fully functioning. This classic car is sold to its new owner with a late full inspection including general inspection and H- registration for historical vehicles in Germany.

Citroen ID 19
In 2015 Citroen celebrated the 60th anniversary of its D models. In 1955 the DS was introduced at the Paris Motor Show and caused amazement and enthusiasm among automobile journalists. In spring 1957 Citroen released a simplified version with the abbreviation 'ID’. Both versions, the ID and DS, united avant-garde design and plenty of technical innovations that were unparalleled, and made for a sensation. It was the first series production vehicle equipped with a central hydraulic system for suspension, shift and steering-break support. Up until today its status as an icon of design and technology is beyond dispute.

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