Citroen SM 1971 – SPRZEDANY

Citroen SM w fantastyczny sposób łączy awangardową sylwetkę i nieszablonowe rozwiązania mechaniczne, oferując również coś, co wcześniej było piętą achillesową francuskiej marki – mocny silnik V6, przejęty wraz z marką Maserati. Mimo sportowych aspiracji czaruje świetnym komfortem gwarantowanym przez zawieszenie hydropneumatyczne. Obok ponaddźwiękowego samolotu Concorde i kolei szybkiej prędkości TGV to zdecydowanie symbol swojej epoki we Francji, lecz w odróżnieniu od tamtych dwóch – na tyle przystępny, że możemy go zamknąć we własnym garażu. W ogłoszeniu jeden z najlepszych modeli na rynku – gruntownie odrestaurowany kilka lat temu, czeka na nowego nabywcę w Holandii.




Brand Citroen
Type SM
Color Gold
Interior Black
Year first registration 1971
Price € 41.500,-


Fitted with a Maserati engine
Benefitting from a thorough restoration
Superb color combination
Extremely elegant body

Probably you would not expect a Citroen SM offered for sale at our website but as you probably know we buy what we like and the Citroen SM was a car on our list which we wanted to own once in our life.
It was a difficult to find a really nice example as these cars do not have the value to restore them properly and the SM was not well known because of the superb quality.
Anyway we found this example which is in an overall fabulous condition.
It was as far back as 1961 that Citroen started looking into a sport version of the DS, which had initially debuted in 1955. Several different prototypes were built, but Citroen was reluctant to design and build a whole new engine for the car, and none of its existing engines really provided enough power. The project would end up being shelved until 1968, when Citroen bought Maserati. So Citroen had Maserati to build them a new engine just for the SM.


This specific Citroen SM has been newly delivered in France in February 1972. As far as we were able to find out, the car has always had this fabulous golden color.
In 1995, the car was sold by a Mr. Jacues Jalager from Nimes in France to a Dutch gentlemen named Cornelis Dingen from Neunen.
In between 1995 and 2012 the Citroen SM has been impressively restored and some pictures of the restoration are available.
Mr. Neunen owned the Citroen for quite some years and sold her at the 23rd of June 2012 to Mr. van Asveldt. Mr van Asveldt owned the Citroen for a very short period and sold it to a good friend of us, Mr. Lou Jedeloo.
We saw this SM at his garage during a pick up of another car from Mr. Jedeloo his collection and asked him immediately if the Citroen was for sale.
Unfortunately she wasn’t but after some months we received the phone call if we were willing to purchase the SM as Mr. Jedeloo found a new car which he wanted to add to his collection.
We bought the car immediately and when we were home with the SM we actually understood what we bought. The car was much nicer as we expected and she is driving absolutely fabulous.


We do not want to start to talk immediately about the condition of the exterior of the Citroen as the condition is off-course rather important but the lining of this car is much more important.
We do not know many cars which are looking so extremely impressive and probably even sexy as this Citroen SM.
The car is full of special details both on the interior as well as the exterior, but also on the way how she drives with the hydraulic variable power steering and brake system.
The body of the SM is absolutely superb even as the paintwork. It might be possible to find a very small spot but you would be able to look very careful.
Pictures are showing the car being completely taken back to bare metal.
The aluminum and chrome parts used on the body are all in a very nice condition with on some parts very small pitting.


During the restoration, the former owner choose to restore the interior on a period correct way with perfect black leather.
The seats are all in perfect condition/almost as new condition both in the front as well as the rear.
The golden metal parts are all in perfect order either without any damages.
All the gauges and meters are in perfectly working order and also in a very nice shape.
Amongst the quality of the interior, the details need a small description as this car is actually very dangerous to drive.
It is almost impossible to keep you eyes on the road as the meters and knobs/buttons are all so nice.


When the key of the Citroen is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is a Maserati engine with an enormous amount of power.
If you drive the SM for the first time it is a rather rare experience. The steering is very light and adjusts itself at higher speeds. The suspension is typical Citroen and so impressive.
The transmission shifts very well with good syncros, both when warm and cold.
The brakes are excellent as well.
This car feels as having a lot of money spend on it.
It is a very impressive example to drive around with.