Citroen SM 1973 – SPRZEDANY

Série Maserati, czyli Citroen SM, to prawdziwa ikona zadziwiającego francuskiego stylu lat 70-tych. Wśród prawdziwie wybitnych i unikalnych projektów na aukcji Bonhamsa był jedynym reprezentantem seryjnej produkcji, lecz trzeba przyznać – absolutnie wyjątkowym. To poszukiwana finalna wersja z silnikiem Maserati powiększonym do 3 l i manualną skrzynią biegów – w takiej konfiguracji powstało jedynie 600 sztuk. Samochód został pięknie odrestaurowany zewnątrz i wewnątrz – skóra, zamsz i aluminium ukształtowane w modernistyczne formy robią tu absolutnie fenomenalne wrażenie. Ten wyjątkowy samochód sprzedany został za ok. 215 tys. PLN (wliczając premię domu aukcyjnego).


Lot 2
DKK 350,000 – 450,000
PLN 200,000 – 250,000
Sold for DKK 379,500 (PLN 214,777)

AUCTION 23234:
26 Sep 2015 14:00 CEST


Chassis no. 00SD0338
Engine no. 400322

2,974 cc OHV V-6 Engine
Electronic Fuel Injection
170 bhp at 5,500rpm
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Independent Hydraulic Suspension
4-Wheel Disc Brakes

*Exceptional example of Citroën’s 1970s Style Icon
*Most sought after specification
*Carefully updated interior
*Desirable late-production 'Série Maserati’
*Beautifully restored inside and out


Combining Citröen’s advanced chassis technology and Maserati’s engine know-how, the SM (Série Maserati) featured DS-style hydro-pneumatic suspension, power-assisted all-round load-sensitive disc brakes and fully-powered, self-centering steering that allowed the car to be set up with zero caster, thereby keeping the tires in full contact with the road at all times. Citröen had acquired Maserati in 1968, principally to acquire the latter’s engine technology for its new top-of-the-range Gran Turismo coupé, and the Italian firm responded to the brief with remarkable speed by the simple expedient of chopping two cylinders off its Indy four-cam 90-degree V-8 to create the required V-6.

After some juggling of engine dimensions, a capacity of 2,670 cc was settled on for a power output of 170 bhp. Citröen was the world leader in passenger car aerodynamics at the time, and the SM’s class-leading drag coefficient enabled it to reach 140 mph, making it the fastest front-wheel-drive car ever at that time. Fuel injection arrived in 1972, an automatic transmission option became available the following year and the engine was enlarged to 2,974 cc before the model was prematurely axed in 1975 following Citröen’s acquisition by Peugeot. Fondly remembered, these technically advanced and functionally beautiful cars remain highly sought after today.


The styling of the SM was straight out of a 1970s science fiction movie. The long sleek fastback body with loads of glass and unadorned flanks looked like some alien spaceship as it glided along on its self-levelling suspension with skirts over the rear wheels, hydraulically adjustable and swivelling headlamps under curved heated glass, and an asymmetric air intake on the bonnet. The Citroën SM was simply slicker than a greased water melon.

The interior of this rare US-delivery SM features modernistic seats luxuriously upholstered in tobacco leather, done in the style of the late cars, a sloping avantgarde dash in brushed aluminium with oval dials and a modern centre console with a very cool metal gate for the chromed gear shifter. Many interior panels and the dash have been luxuriously covered in suede with impeccable stitching.

The car on offer has the most desirable SM specification with the enlarged to 2,974 cc engine and 5-speed transmission. It has been restored and subsequently sorted by Excelsior Motors, a leading Citroën SM expert in the USA.

The original type of air conditioning compressor unit tended to give issues on the SM, so it has been replaced with a modern Sanden unit. The alternator has been upgraded as well to a reliable GM type. A stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted which ensures that the racy Maserati-derived V-6 now sounds like the sporting engine it is. The sum total is a correct, carefully maintained and mechanically well-sorted SM crying out to be used.

One can just visualise Jane Fonda in her role as a space-age Barbarella in the cult Roger Vadim film, grabbing the single spoke steering wheel of this SM to commute to her flying saucer.