Dino 246 GT 1971 – SPRZEDANE

Dino z centralnie umieszczonym silnikiem V6 było pierwszym samochodem marki Ferrari przeznaczonym dla szerszego grona odbiorców. Cenione przez wielu za nieprzeciętne właściwości jezdne i przełomowe wzornictwo Dino 206 GT, doczekało się następcy w 1969 roku. 246 GT oprócz dłuższego nadwozia, konstrukcją praktycznie nie różniło się od poprzednika. Samochód okazał się sukcesem sprzedażowym, a jego trzy serie oznaczone jako „L”, „M” i „E” rozchodzące się jak świeże bułeczki, zakończono produkować w 1973 roku. Dino 246 GT wystawione na aukcji pochodzi z drugiej serii, poddane zostało odbudowane mechanicznej oraz kosmetycznej, dzięki czemu otrzymano egzemplarz idealny pod każdym względem. Oznaczony numerem #02130 jest ostatnim wyprodukowanym 246 GT z poszukiwanej serii M, z rzeczywistym, całkowitym przebiegiem wynoszącym około 45 000 km. Wspaniały okaz z bogatą historią wylicytowano za 291200 euro, czyli 1,231 miliona złotych.

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LOT 178 – 1971 FERRARI DINO 246 GT

ESTIMATE €250,000- €300,000

Auction Techno Classica Essen 2018

Lot Number: 178
Reg. Number: German Registered
Chassis Number: 02130
Year: 1971
Make: Ferrari
Model: 246GT Dino

It was the need for a production-based engine for the new Formula 2 that had prompted the introduction of a ‘junior’ Ferrari, the Dino 206 GT, at the Turin Motor Show in 1967. The latest in a line of Dino V6 ‘quad-cam’ engines stretching back to the late 1950s, the new unit proved as successful on the racetrack as in the showroom, Derek Bell and Ernesto Brambilla both winning races in the European Championship, while Andrea de Adamich triumphed in the 1968 Argentine Temporada series.

Building on experience gained with its successful limited edition Dino 206 S sports-racer of 1966, Ferrari retained the racer’s mid-engined layout for the road car but installed the power unit transversely rather than longitudinally. A compact, aluminium-bodied coupé of striking appearance, the Pininfarina-styled Dino – named after Enzo Ferrari’s late son Alfredino Ferrari and intended as the first of a separate but related marque – was powered by a 2.0-litre, four-cam V6 driving via an in-unit five-speed transaxle. The motor’s 180bhp was good enough to propel the lightweight, aerodynamically-efficient Dino to 142mph, and while there were few complaints about the car’s performance, the high cost enforced by its aluminium construction hindered sales.

A 2.4-litre version on a longer wheelbase – the 246 GT – replaced the original Dino 206 in late 1969. Built by Scaglietti, the body was now steel, and the cylinder block cast-iron rather than aluminium, but the bigger engine’s increased power – 195bhp at 7,600rpm – adequately compensated for the weight gain.

The 246 was built in three series, referred to internally as “L,” “M,” and “E.” Series “L” cars, produced in late 1969 through 1970, have road wheels with a single knock-off spinner, front quarter bumpers that extend into the grille opening, and head rests mounted on the rear bulkhead.

A short run of Series “M” cars were produced in early 1971; these had five-bolt road wheels, an internal rear boot lid release catch, and seat-mounted headrests. Series “E” cars were produced from early 1971 to the end of production in 1974. They incorporated all the changes to the Series “M” examples, together with further modifications to the engine and gearbox and detail revisions.

While not quite as fast in a straight line as its larger V12-engined stable-mates, the nimble Dino was capable of showing almost anything a clean pair of heels over twisty going terrain. Though Enzo was intent on marketing the Dino as a separate, lesser marque, these beloved cars are today considered “proper” Ferraris in every respect.

This “M” series Dino 246 GT received a frame off restoration with all components having been refurbished and rebuilt mechanically and cosmetically. The result is a mint condition Ferrari 246 GT in all respects, inside, outside and from any angle.

The work done on the car is documented with photographic evidence and available in the cars file, as is a fresh condition and valuation report, dated 14th February 2018, showing a value of €380,000, we are told by the vendor.

Chassis #02130 also benefits from being the last produced 246 GT out of the sought after M-series and therefore a wonderful piece of Ferrari history. Coming to us with a believed genuine total mileage on its odometer of approximately 45,000 kms and with German registration documents, this Ferrari Dino with superb black leather interior is very reasonably reserved, considering its condition.