Facel Vega HK500 1961 – USA – SPRZEDANY

Facel Vega HK500 został zbudowany w zaledwie 489 sztukach, z których najbardziej znana jest ta, w której zginął w 1960 r. laureat nagrody Nobla, Albert Camus. Sam samochód nie był tu niczemu winien, choć trzeba przyznać, że 360-konne V8 Chrysler’a gwarantowało nadzwyczajne osiągi. Facel Vega z ogłoszenia prezentuje się wyśmienicie. Restaurowany w latach 90-tych przykuwa uwagę każdym detalem, niemal cofając nas w czasie o pół wieku, kiedy to imponujące coupe należało do najbardziej luksusowych samochodów na świecie.

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Facel Vega HK500 1961

Jean Daninos owned Forges et Ateliers de Construcion d’Eure et de Loire in Paris, making machine tools before the war but afterword concentrating on metal office furniture and domestic cabinets while also subcontracting parts for French automobile manufacturers. In 1950 Facel, as the company was known, displayed a beautiful, refined coupe body on a Bentley Mark VI chassis then a similar coupe on the Simca Vendome platform. They were the precursors to the Facel Vega which was introduced in 1954 with Chrysler Corporation V8 power and Torqueflite transmission. It was the first of the post-WWII Euro-American hybrids, and it remained in production into the early 1960s. Total production of the many Chrysler V8-powered Facels has never been established, but it is probably under 1,000. Their reputation for design, style, performance, quality and comfortable, luxurious appointments has made them some of the most coveted postwar European classics.

Finished in a lovely black with a tan interior, this 1961 Facel Vega HK500 received a full body off restoration in early 1990’s while it was in California, and includes photo documentation of the work. A collector in the Midwest then enjoyed the car, chassis number HK1B02X, regularly. It has since received a complete and high quality refurbishing including new paint, chrome, carpets, tires and a full mechanical service. Under the hood is the more desirable 360 horsepower Chrysler 383 cubic inch V-8, which gave the HK500 a very impressive top speed just shy of 150 miles per hour. With so few examples built, any Facel Vega is an exclusive automobile, but this high-performance HK500 is distinguished by its fresh presentation, mechanical sorting and desirable powertrain. For those who wishes to experience the rewarding experience of driving and owning one of these lavish Facel Vegas, this is an ideal example.