Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso 1964 – SPRZEDANE

Oto model, w którym Pininfarina wzniosła się na absolutne szczyty motoryzacyjnego piękna, Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso. Pod maską drzemie tu słynne V12 Colombo, lecz od samego początku nikt tego samochodu nie traktował jak wyścigówkę. Mimo wielu podobieństw z 250 GTO (identyczny rozstaw osi 2400 mm, podobnie ukształtowana tylna część nadwozia w stylu kamm tail), to był samochód projektowany przede wszystkim z myślą o drogowym użytku. Lusso oznacza luksus – tu objawiał się w postaci przepięknie urządzonego wnętrza, w którym każdy chciałby odbyć jak najdłuższą podróż. Prezentowany egzemplarz jest jednym z 350 wyprodukowanych. W ostatnim czasie samochód poddano gruntownej renowacji, której koszt wyniósł 300 tysięcy euro. Teraz samochód prezentuje się i jeździ zjawiskowo. Ze sprzedaży uzyskano 820 tys. euro + opłaty aukcyjne (razem ok. 4 mln złotych).


Lot 100
1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L „Lusso”
Estimation 900,000 – 1,300,000 €

Sale: 3888
Location: Salon Rétromobile Hall 2.1 Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles 75015 Paris
Date: 08 feb. 2019 14:00
Auctioneer: Hervé Poulain

French title
Chassis n° 5525
Engine: see text

– Continuous history
– Full Lecoq restoration (approximately 300 000€)
– One of Maranello’s most beautiful Gran Turismo models

At the start of the 1960s, Pininfarina was involved with the production of the 250 GTE 2+2 and the Lusso was the only road-going version of the 250 GT SWB still being built, in small numbers, by Scaglietti. Ferrari, with racing commitments that were proving expensive, wanted to double the production of usable road-going cars. It was in Paris in October 1962, that Ferrari and Pininfarina presented the 250 GTL berlinetta „Lusso”. A second prototype appeared shortly afterwards at the Turin Motor Show, built by Carrozzeria Scaglietti from Modena. The two cars had slightly different roofs and features from both appeared in the production version that was built between January 1963 and September 1964.

The „Lusso” was designed to be irresistibly attractive, and it certainly achieved that objective. The styling of this new model was and remains a perfect success. The chassis had Ferrari’s favoured 2400 mm wheelbase and shared many similarities with the GTO, including mechanical elements and the truncated rear tail in the style of aerodynamicist Kamm. Ferrari began to take the issues of comfort and reliability seriously in this road-going model. The bumpers, however, were purely decorative and the car retained bucket seats.

Count Lurani, following a marathon test session, recorded in Auto Sport Italiana his impressions of what he called „La Piu bella del mondo!”: „The 250 GT berlinetta designed by Pininfarina has earned its right to be seen as the most exceptional, high performance sports car in existence today. It displays an excellent mechanical base distilled from unrivalled sporting heritage and a remarkably successful aesthetic design carrying the signature of the greatest coachbuilder in the world.”

The car presented, #5525, is one of just 350 examples of the 250 GT/L. A left-hand drive car, it sold new in Switzerland and was then shipped to the US to be bought by Philip Ojena from San Diego in California. In March 1976 it was stolen from Jim Payne of Louisville, Kentucky, and only discovered fourteen years later, minus its body. The car was shipped back to Italy and restored by Dino Ravani (Serenissima, Cremone). The engine was rebuilt by Salvetti using a new block (the original was irreparable and its number was reassigned to the replacement block). Maintenance and bodywork was entrusted to well-known craftsman Giovanni Giordanengo in Cuneo. Once restored, the car was bought by Paolo Bozzano, a collector who was based in Monaco before settling in Italy. The Lusso was later sold by the latter’s widow, having been driven very little since its restoration. It was acquired by the current owner, a Parisian businessman and marque enthusiast, in February 2018. As the engine was not performing optimally, Franck Opderbeck, the talented mechanic sub-contracted by Lecoq and based next to Paris, was commissioned to completely rebuild it. Opderbeck dismantled the engine, changed the block and refurbished every component. The gearbox and rear axle were also rebuilt. The fastidious owner then asked Lecoq to rectify certain defects in the styling of the bodywork. In total, nearly 300 000 € was spent giving the car back the splendour and performance it had when it left the factory. The exterior colour, a wise choice by the owner, is Grigio Ferro, complemented by tawny brown leather upholstery and beige carpets in perfect condition. This Ferrari 250 GT/L Lusso is presented in exceptional condition today, mechanically perfect and faithful to the supreme elegance of this GT model, a true Ferrari legend.

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Photos © Kevin Van Campenhout

Estimation 900 000 – 1 300 000 €