Ferrari F40 1991 – SPRZEDANE

Ferrari F40 to ostatni samochód stworzony pod okiem Il Commendatore, legendarnego Enzo Ferrari. To odpowiedź na Porsche 959 i Lamborghini Countach, budowane jako ukoronowanie 40-letniej tradycji budowania samochodów wyścigowych i często określane jako najwybitniejsze Ferrari w historii. Podwójnie doładowane V8 produkowało tu 478 KM, co pozwoliło na skonstruowanie pierwszego produkcyjnego samochodu na świecie zdolnego przekroczyć 200 mil/h. Prezentowany egzemplarz zmienił swojego właściciela po raz pierwszy w historii. Uzyskana cena: 1085660 euro.


20 | 1991 Ferrari F40

Auction takes place on:
Sep 26, 2015
12 pm EDT

Starting price € 550,000.00
Sold for € 1,085,660

Ferrari F40
Model 1991
German documents
Vehicle identification number: 91136
2.936 cc displacement with 478 hp
Manual transmission
Mileage: 27,565 km
Color: red; interior: black/red
Key Facts: catalytic converter, crank-operated windows, extensive service history, original servicebook, extensive service at 20,000 km, last service 16th of December 2013 at 25,000 km, sold from first ownership (Owner name in Servicebook and Documents are the same) very rare opportunity to get a F40 from first owner
Special conditions: 12% buyer’s premium plus VAT
Collection and storage conditions: see detailed description
Assessment and estimate by Kevin Braun, Schaltkulisse Expert: 1,100,000 – 1,300,000 Euro
This object is sold through the Berlin office

If a supercar has deserved and shaped the term ‘icon’ in the last few decades, then it is the legendary Ferrari F40. With its introduction in 1988, the rush was so huge, that up to 3 million Deutsche Mark were paid for a F40. It was the last model by Ferrari, whose launch Il Commendatore personally witnessed before passing away in late 1988.
Now this Ferrari F40 with the chassis number 91136 is for the first time in its history, since 1991, sold on the free market. Delivered via Foitek, this F40 nearly spent one quarter century in private ownership and was regularly and expertly serviced as it should be done with a car of this category. Most recently an authorized Ferrari Dealer carried out a service on the 16th of December 2013 at mileage of around 25,000 kilometers. In compliance with this, the car is provided with an extensive service history, recorded in the original servicebook.
The wonderfully original paint, a catalytic converter and crank-operated windows are among the most noteworthy details of this purist super sports car. The original and still popular old vehicle title is preserved and proves first ownership. Hardly any F40 was cared for, serviced and regularly driven in such a way by a single owner. The vehicle has no previous damages, the complete and extensive service documentation and the fantastic condition meet all the requirements to complete a collection and to occasionally enjoy the to this day impressive performance of 478 hp, fired by two turbochargers.