Ferrari GTS Turbo 1986 – SPRZEDANE

Dwulitrowe turbodoładowane Ferrari to często zły sen miłośników marki, obawiających się o przyszłość marki w świecie pełnym ekologicznego przymusu. O tym czym taki diabeł straszny przekonać się mogli miłośnicy włoskiej marki już 30 lat temu na włoskim rynku. Ferrari GTS Turbo z 8-cylindrowej 2 l jednostki krzesało 254 KM. Oto jeden z 828 wyprodukowanych egzemplarzy, zachowany w fantastycznej formie. Wejść w jego posiadanie można było podczas aukcji domu aukcyjnego Auctionata, podczas której licytowane było 27 wozów wyłącznie tej jednej, ekskluzywnej włoskiej marki. Uzyskana cena ponad 100 tysięcy euro… imponująca!


11 | 1986 Ferrari GTS Turbo

Auction takes place on:
Sep 26, 2015
12 pm EDT

Starting price € 50,000.00
Sold for € 102,852.00

Ferrari GTS Turbo
Model 1986
German documetns
Vehicle identification number: 64631
1.990 cc displacement with 255 hp
Manual transmission
Mileage: 49,997 km
Color: red; interior: black leather/black carpet
Key facts: Classic Data expert report 2+, books & tools including orig. servicebook, extensive service by Ferrari Servicedealer Scuderia GT, including a timing belt replacement, one of only 828 manufactured GTS Turbo
Special conditions: 12% buyer’s premium plus VAT
Collection and storage conditions: see detailed description
Assessment and estimate by Kevin Braun, Schaltkulisse Expert: 100,000 – 110,000 Euro
This object is sold through the Berlin office

The GTS Turbo is based on the Ferrari 328 GTS and does without a numerical designation. Not to be confused with the 208 Turbo based on the 308, the GTS Turbo achieves with its 254 horsepower, to achieve a similar performance as the Ferrari 328 with 3.2 liter 8 cylinder. A 2 liter displacement for 8 cylinders with turbocharging is sufficient for a top speed of 253 km/h.

Even more exciting it appears is however, that only 828 vehicles were manufactured of GTS Turbo and in consequence, availability is very limited. Born as a tax-saving model for the Italian market, the older Turbo models have long since emancipated themselves. On the 10th of June 1986 chassis number 64631 was delivered to Italy and went to its first owner Vermotico Lorenzo. After the vehicle had spent its entire life in Italy, it was imported to Germany in 2015 and immediately received an extensive service at the Ferrari workshop Scuderia GT, including a timing belt replacement. An expert report, also from 2015, records that this GTS Turbo is accident-free and of an exceptionally good state of preservation. The extremely good and unspoiled interior in nero reflects the low mileage of 49,997 km, as does the fabulously beautiful overall condition of the vehicle.

With a current Classic Data grade of 2+, recent service and original books & toolsand including the orig. servicebook, the red Ferrari GTS Turbo is perfectly prepared for the next few decades of its existence.