Ferrari Testarossa 1990 – SPRZEDANE

Wśród wszystkich supersamochodów stworzonych przez mistrzów z Maranello, Ferrari Testarossa bez wątpienia jest dziś jedną z najjaśniejszych gwiazd. Poprzecinana wzdłuż i wszerz wlotami doprowadzającymi powietrze do chłodnic, na żywo robi piorunujące wrażenie. Szczególnie gdy mówimy o egzemplarzu, który od nowości jeździł tylko sporadycznie, będąc ozdobą zacnej szwajcarskiej kolekcji. Dziś na jej liczniku widnieje zaledwie 3495 kilometrów, a uzyskane przez dom aukcyjny Auctionata 205704 euro przekroczyło prognozę.


18 | 1990 Ferrari Testarossa

Auction takes place on:
Sep 26, 2015
12 pm EDT

Starting price € 75,000.00
Sold for € 205,704.00

Ferrari Testarossa
Model 1990
German documents
Vehicle identification number: 84823
4.909 cc displacement with 390 hp
Manual transmission
Mileage: 3,495 km
Color: Rosso corsa; interior: black leather, red carpet
Key facts: original servicebook, perfect new vehicle state, complete vehicle tool kit,
only 3.495 km
Special conditions: 12% buyer’s premium plus VAT
Collection and storage conditions: see detailed description
Assessment and estimate by Kevin Braun, Schaltkulisse Expert: 150,000 – 190,000 Euro
This object is sold through the Berlin office

On the 21nd of March 1990, the manufacturer’s warranty of the 84823 started in Lausanne at Garage Zenith and the odometer began documenting its driven routes. 25 years and 3,495 km later the same had already abandoned his work again. In 2008, the passionate Swiss collector sold the car to Germany. By 2009, only 1,068 km were covered.
After 19 years, it was now time that this Testarossa should receive an extensive service including timing belt replacement. Subsequently, the last owner lovingly maintained the car and focused on driving the car for further 2,400 kilometers. Thus today, the speedometer displays an incredible mileage of 3,495 km. The condition of paint, seals and interior speak for themselves. Nearly spotless and at some places still fitted with wax from the hallowed halls of Maranello.
Today hardly any Testarossa still retains such a new car state at this exceptionally low mileage. An absolutely original car, in classic red and black interior. Equipped with the original service book, you get a 5 hole Testarossa, which has yet to be matched and which will be increasingly rare to find.