Fiat 600 / replika Abarth 1000 TC 1966 – SPRZEDANY

„Osiągi silników Fiata, zmodyfikowanych przez Carlo Abarth’a, już od dawna wydają się ocierać o siły nadprzyrodzone.” czytamy w artykule John’a Bolster’a z magazynu Autosport. Urodzony w Austrii inżynier Carlo Abarth zaczynał swoją przygodę w Turynie od produkcji systemów dolotowych i wydechowych głównie dla Fiata. Dopiero gdy odniósł sukces w tej dziedzinie, zabrał się za budowę bardzo udanych serii prototypów i samochodów sportowych w limitowanej ilości. Wystawiona na aukcji piękna replika Fiata Abarth 1000 stworzona została około 20 lat temu przez kolekcjonera z Rzymu. Bazą do prac stał się Fiat 600D, który wyposażony został w silnik Abarth A112 oryginalnie produkujący prawie 60 KM. Tutaj zmodyfikowany silnik osiąga 73 KM, auto zdobią koła aluminiowe typu Mille Miglia, w kokpicie znajdziemy instrumenty Jaeger oraz oryginalne oznaczenia Abarth na całym samochodzie. Okaz wyceniony został na 8 000 – 12 000 funtów, czyli 40 000 – 59 000 złotych, sprzedany został za 9 200 funtów.


Lot 80N
£8,000 – 12,000
PLN 40,000 – 59,000
19 Mar 2017, 14:00 GMT


1966 FIAT-Abarth 600/1000 Replica Competition Saloon
Chassis no. 100D-2160977
*Created circa 20 years ago in Italy
*Abarth A112 engine
*Four-wheel disc brakes
*Registered in Italy

'The performance of FIAT engines, as modified by Carlo Abarth, has for long been held to verge on the supernatural.’ – John Bolster, Autosport magazine.

After leaving Cisitalia in 1948, Austrian-born engineer Carlo Abarth set up as an independent in Turin, the home of the Italian auto industry. From producing induction and exhaust systems, Abarth branched out into selling performance kits for – mainly FIAT – production cars, later building a highly successful series of sports prototypes and limited-series production cars.

Possibly the best known of all Abarth’s creations are the series of high-performance adaptations of the FIAT 600 saloon, whose giant-killing exploits with his 'TC’ (Turismo Competizione) racers were one of the most entertaining aspects of saloon car racing in the 1960s. Ed Swart, Giancarlo Baghetti, Willi Kauhsen, and 'Pam’ all claimed European Touring Car Championships for Abarth during that decade, underling the Italian manufacturer’s almost total dominance of small-capacity saloon car racing.

This FIAT-Abarth 1000 replica was created circa 20 years ago by a Rome-based collector. The starting point was his FIAT 600D, in which he installed an engine from an Abarth A112. This engine originally produced 58bhp and was further developed to produce some 73 horsepower. The collector also installed a correct Abarth-type instrument panel with original and sought after Jaeger instruments. Furthermore, the car also features four Mille-Miglia type alloy wheels and original Abarth badges throughout. After a few years of use at historic outings the car was fitted with disc brakes all round and a suspension kit. Front-mounted radiators for oil and water are fitted also.

Some four years ago the car was purchased by another collector, based in Pescara, who again used it on a few historic events. The current vendor had the engine serviced recently and attests to its good health, even providing a photograph taken on the Italian autostrada where the car achieved the impressive speed of more than 160km/h. The paintwork has not been renewed since the conversion some 20 years ago but nevertheless presents very well, with only a few signs of wear. The vendor informs us that the car’s underlying structure is rust free. Offered with Italian registration documents, this charming little FIAT-Abarth replica is ready to be used in anger.