Fiat 750 Moretti 1964 – SPRZEDANY

Giovanni Moretti założył firmę już w latach 20-tych, zaczynając od konstruowania motocykli, lekkich samochodów i ciężarówek. Po wojnie wszedł w bliską współpracę z Fiatem, zaspokajając włoską potrzebę piękna przez tworzenie pięknych nadwozi dla popularnych samochodów. Fiat 750 Moretti był oferowany jako Spider i Coupe, a autorem niezwykle udanego projektu był Giovanni Michelotti. Czterocylindrowy silnik Fiata 600 został tu wzmocniony do 41 KM, co dzięki lekkiemu nadwoziu pozwalało uzyskać świetne osiągi. Ten rzadki i pięknie utrzymany okaz Coupe 2+2 sprzedany został za ok. 44 tys. PLN (już wliczając prowizję domu aukcyjnego), co należy uznać za świetny interes kupującego.


Lot 461N
Registration no. not UK registered
Chassis no. 100D 1833357
Engine no. to be advised

£9,000 – 12,000
PLN 51,000 – 68,000
Sold for £7,475 (PLN 43,723) inc. premium

AUCTION 22685:
Important Collectors’ Automobilia, Motorcycles and Motor Cars
20 Jun 2015 15:00 BST

1964 FIAT 750 Moretti 2+2 Coupé
Registration no. not UK registered
Chassis no. 100D 1833357
Engine no. to be advised

Giovanni Moretti built the first Moretti motorcycles, light cars and vans in the late 1920s. In 1945 Fabbrica Automobili Moretti SpA was established in Turin as a motor manufacturer, its first product being La Citta (The Town) a small two-seater 'city car’ powered by a 500cc twin-cylinder engine. (Moretti was unusual at this time in making its own power units rather than relying, like most of its Italian contemporaries, on FIAT engines). A range of small-capacity 'fours’ of 600cc and 750cc was developed; some with single overhead camshafts, others with twin-cam 'heads. For a small manufacturer, Moretti offered a bewilderingly diverse range of models including coupés, estate cars, commercials and some electrically powered vehicles. Being Italian, Moretti could not avoid involvement with motor sport, taking part in long-distance rallies and entering the Le Mans 24-Hour race with an attractive small sports prototype. In addition the company built the occasional monoposto racer and later a Formula Junior car. By the early 1960s it had become apparent that manufacturing was no longer sustainable and the firm turned exclusively to specialist coachbuilding, reorganising itself as Moretti Fabbrica Automobili e Stabilimenti Carrozzeria SAS. A range of attractive sports coupés and cabriolets was offered on FIAT chassis, including an 850 that looked remarkably like a miniature Ferrari Dino, and then in the 1980s Moretti introduced several small 4x4s on the FIAT 126, 127 and Panda platforms.

The year 1964 was surely the heyday of Carrozzeria Moretti, which offered an impressive range of cars for such a small manufacturer. The 750 was no exception, being as available as a four-seater coupé, a 2+2 coupé and a convertible styled by none other than Giovanni Michelotti, which could be ordered with or without hardtop. Based on FIAT 600 mechanicals, these exceptionally elegant cars not only featured Moretti stylish coachwork but also a tuned engine that developed 41bhp, 12 horsepower more than standard. The interior also belied its humble origins, with attractive Jaeger instruments and, in this case, dark red upholstery contrasting beautifully with the grey exterior. This attractive coupé joined the vendor’s exclusive collection in 2009 from Italy and has been dry stored since. A very rare find, it surely will attract attention wherever it goes. Offered with a Bill of Sale only, it represents an exciting opportunity to acquire a rare, exclusive, coachbuilt Italian Gran Turismo for a relatively modest outlay.