Fiat Dino 1972 – SPRZEDANY

Fiat Dino zachwyca zarówno stylistyką, jak i mechaniką. Karoseria to dzieło studia Bertone, silnik V6 pochodzi wprost od Ferrari. Jego sportowa charakterystyka gwarantuje fenomenalne wrażenia, choć to wóz wciąż komfortowy, pozwalający na przewiezienie czterech dorosłych osób. W ogłoszeniu jeden z 2398 wyprodukowanych egzemplarzy drugiej serii. Pozostawiony u dealera w rozliczeniu, czeka na nowego nabywcę. Utrzymany w przepięknym, oryginalnym stanie wydaje się być niezwykle atrakcyjną propozycją.




Brand Fiat
Type Dino 2400
Color Silver
Interior Black
Year of build 1972
Price € 38.500,-


A Ferrari powered coupe with Bertone styling
Very nice color combination
Superb driving example
Extremely elegant body

Since the name “Dino” was reserved for all six-cylinder Ferrari models, honouring Enzo Ferrari’s deceased son, why is there also a Fiat with that name?

For the 1967 racing season, regulations for Formula 2 required a production-based engine with a minimum of 500 built. As Ferrari was not in a position to fulfill this requirement, they joined production forces with Fiat to create three different vehicles, all designed using the same engine. Ferrari launched the Dino 206 and Fiat the Dino in two versions, a Pininfarina-styled and built Spyder and a Bertone-designed Coupe. The V6 engine, said to be conceived by Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino and drawn as a racing unit by Vittorio Jano before Aurelio Lampredi adapted it for road use, was built by Fiat with final car assembly of all three types shared by Ferrari and Fiat.

The body styling by Bertone is the pinnacle of 1960s classical round shapes with subtle hints of the 1970s, especially in the tail section. Surprisingly, this coupe will comfortably accommodate four adults. The ride is more “grand tourismo” than “sports car”. Underpinning this concept, the engine is surprisingly elastic; it pulls strongly at 2000 rpm and then, never wanting to stop, redline is found at 8000 rpm – revealing the race pedigree. A five-speed transmission and four-wheel disc brakes complement this 170 horsepower powerplant.


The story of the Dino begins, like most of Italy’s and Britain’s great cars with the engine.
That is immediately clear when this Fiat is started or when the bonnet is raised.
What an impressive machine and amongst the technical part, the looks of the Dino are also impressively nice.
Not long ago we had the Dino parked outside in between a Ferrari 330 GT and an Alfa 1900 CSS and the Dino was looking so impressively nice in between these two cars.
Actually it is unbelievable that it is still possible to buy such a nice and impressive motorized car for a relative small amount of money.
The condition of this Dino is very nice but this is not strange if it is known that the car is coming from 1 of the main classic car collectors from Holland.
This gentlemen has an impressive collection and his cars have to be in a very nice condition.
He sold this car to make space for something new which he bought from us.


The body of the Fiat is straight and very solid. The paintwork is generally very nice, with a few superficial details here and there.
The chrome is in very good condition with no pitting or major scratches.
The badges are original throughout and also the badges on the side are still present while they are very often taken of and very difficult to find.
The glass and lights are very good to excellent.
The front windscreen has a few marks but no major flaws.
The wheels are in a very nice order as well.


The interior is in fantastic original condition, which is all the more impressive because these cars were notorious for having interiors that were not very durable.
The upholstery is very nice without any holes, damages or details which are not nice.
The wooden dashboard is also in a very nice condition without cracks which is unique because the sun is an enemy for these dashboards.
The wooden Nardi steering wheel is also in a perfect condition.
Very nice condition. as new excellent has the correct material, as does the tonneau cover.
The door panels, console, and dashboard are all in a very nice to perfect shape
The dashboard trim, switches, and instruments are all in excellent original condition and all in properly working order.


The Dino runs and drives very well.
It is well tuned and starts easily.
Naturally, it sounds like a Ferrari Dino, which is a fantastic car to sound like.
Certain other aspects are very strongly reminiscent of the Ferrari experience, such as the sound of the fuel pump before starting, the air horns.
The gearbox has an excellent synchromesh, and the clutch works as it should be.
The brakes are effective and the chassis and suspension are tight.
Overall, the car is a pleasure to drive, being a usable, visceral, and capable car that pushes all the right buttons for a classic car driving experience.