Iso Rivolta 1963 – SPRZEDANE

Iso to włoska marka powszechnie kojarzona z uroczą Isettą. Rivolta to zupełnie inna bajka: z zewnątrz piękna Włoszka projektu Bertone, podwozie to dzieło Bizzarrini’ego, a pod maską czai się V8 o mocy 340 KM do Chevrolet’a. Z założenia Iso Rivolta miała być szybkim samochodem do codziennej jazdy, cenowo uplasowanym pomiędzy Jaguarem a Ferrari. Był to pierwszy supersamochód od Iso, którego produkcja zakończyła się w 1970 roku wynikiem 797 egzemplarzy. Przedmiotem aukcji jest 75 wyprodukowana sztuka, która od nowości przebywała w USA. Posiada 4 biegową skrzynię manualną, niezależne zawieszenie i hamulce tarczowe na obydwu osiach. Po renowacji, którą samochód przeszedł w 2013 roku w Seattle, prezentuje się naprawdę olśniewająco. Iso Rivolta sprzedana została za 93,500 USD, czyli około 383 tys. PLN.


Lot 22
US$ 80,000 – 120,000
PLN 340,000 – 510,000
To be sold without reserve
11:00 MST

Design by Bertone

Chassis no. IR 340 075

327ci OHV V8 Engine
Single 4-Barrel Carburetor
340bhp at 6,000rpm
4-Speed Manual Transmission
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
4-Wheel Disc Brakes

*Desirable stick-shift, 340bhp model
*Italian-American hybrid
*75th car of the production line
*A US car from new


Bubblecar manufacturer Iso joined the ranks of supercar constructors in 1962 with the launch of the Giotto Bizzarrini-designed Rivolta coupé at the Turin Motor Show. Renzo Rivolta’s Isothermos company had begun life pre-war making refrigerators, turning soon after to the manufacture of scooters under the Iso name after the war and, then, to the highly successful Isetta bubblecar. Interviewed recently for Octane magazine (Issue 151), Renzo’s son Piero recalled that his father liked fast cars, but could not find one that really suited him; one that was fast, comfortable and reliable. „He decided that Iso should produce a fast car that was genuinely useable every day, and priced somewhere between a Jaguar and a Ferrari.” The result was the Rivolta.

Styled at Carrozzeria Bertone by Giorgetto Giugiaro and powered by a 327ci (5.4-liter) Chevrolet V8 engine, the four-seat Rivolta employed a steel platform chassis featuring independent front suspension, a De Dion rear axle and disc brakes all-around. Iso’s first supercar set the pattern for those that followed: Bizzarrini-designed chassis, Bertone coachwork and Chevrolet engines. The car’s future developments included the long-wheelbase, Ghia-styled Fidia four-door saloon, the muscular, short-wheelbase Grifo and the Rivolta-replacement Lele. Iso’s most successful model, the Rivolta, was produced up until 1970, by which time a total of 797 cars had been built.


A very early Rivolta, this car was built on October 17, 1963, making it the 75th Rivolta off the production line. The build sheet confirms that the car was ordered with the desirable 340 horsepower Chevrolet power plant, the same engine one could find under the hood of a Corvette at the time. Delivered in Monthlery Blue over a Havanna leather interior with classic-looking Campagnolo wheels, it was certainly something special and must have brought a lot of jealous looks when touring around in the 60s.

This Iso Rivolta was sent directly to America to its first owner, Mr. Paul Clarke. Although the car’s early history remains unknown, it is believed that the engine of the car was changed to a 1969 Chevrolet small block later on in its life.

The current owner found the car in 2013 in Seattle, where it was restored by a retired flight engineer. Presented here in a classic silver exterior over a beautiful maroon interior, the car looks absolutely spectacular and is ready to be enjoyed by the next owner.

Still today this Italian American hybrid looks great, the elegant Bertone designed coachwork with the powerful Chevrolet V8 mated to the desirable 4 speed manual gearbox makes this a true gentleman express ready to take its new owner for spirited driving.
Please note car is titled 1965 with chassis no. 340075