Lamborghini Countach LP400S 1981 – Francja

Lamborghini Countach LP400S zapiera dech w piersiach. To adrenalina w czystej postaci, samochód który przemawia do wszystkich miłośników motoryzacji zarówno swoją sylwetką, jak i gwałtownie serwowaną mocą. Niezapomniana konstrukcja debiutowała w 1974 roku, by odrodzić się we wzmocnionej wersji 4 lata później. LP400S dysponowało 375-konną, zasilaną sześcioma gaźnikami jednostką V12, która swoją zwiększoną moc mogła przekazać lepiej dzięki poszerzonym oponom i przekonstruowanemu zawieszeniu. Wyprodukowano ich zaledwie 237, a historycy wyróżniają wśród nich trzy kolejne grupy. Licytowany egzemplarz należy do ostatniej z nich, wyróżniającej się niższym zawieszeniem niż jej poprzednicy i następcy. Takich samochodów stworzono jedynie 105. Oczekiwana cena na aukcji w Paryżu to ok. 1,7 – 2 mln PLN.


3 February 2016

Lot 107
1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400 S Series III by Bertone

Chassis no. 1121358
Engine no. 1121358
Body no. 329

€380.000 – €450.000
To be auctioned on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

365 bhp, 3,929 cc DOHC V-12 engine with six dual-throat Weber 45 DCOE carburettors, five-speed manual transmission, unequal-length A-arm front suspension with coil springs and an anti-roll bar, upper lateral-link rear suspension with lower A-arms, coil springs, and an anti-roll bar, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 98.4 in.

Desirable later-production carburetted Series III model
Originally delivered in Switzerland
Original matching-numbers engine

The Countach LP400 S, launched by Lamborghini just four years after the production-ready Countach LP400 was unveiled at the 1974 Geneva Salon, improved upon what was already an incredible and ground-breaking automobile. It goes without saying that Lamborghini had a big act to follow with the Countach’s first update, but the LP400 S definitely did not disappoint. Lamborghini knew that the Countach was still very much in style and had to retain the car’s visual flair to retain its character, but it also had to address minor updates that both the company and its paying customers had become aware of in the car’s teething years.

Looking to retain the same panache that made the Countach such a memorable car, the LP400 S bore the instantly recognisable and highly aggressive Bertone styling, complete with its iconic scissor doors. The most notable change to the S was that the car was fitted with wider Pirelli tyres, which helped to put the car’s 375 horsepower to the ground. As a result, the wheel wells were slightly flared to house the increased footprint, and the suspension geometry was completely revised accordingly as well. These changes made the Countach appear even more aggressive, and many LP400 owners opted to have their cars updated to the later specifications. Performance remained incredible, and the car boasted a top speed of 179.8 mph.

With 237 examples produced, the Countach LP400 S is divisible into three distinct series. The Series III model shown here is recorded by the factory as having been completed on 23 July 1981 and delivered to the official Swiss dealer, Lamborghini S.A., on 31 July, finished in Rosso over Bianco. It is believed to have been exported to the US at some point, where it was restored and refinished in Giallo. It was subsequently returned to Europe and remains in very nice overall cosmetic condition, with a more recent black upholstery re trim with yellow piping to match the eye-catching finish.

Every collection of modern supercars needs a Countach—the Fighting Bull at its raging best!