Lamborghini LM002 1988 – SPRZEDANE

Lamborghini LM002 powstało w zaledwie 301 egzemplarzach, będąc w swojej epoce jedynym przedstawicielem coraz bardziej modnej dziś klasy luksusowych SUV-ów. Łączyło silnik V12 z modelu Countach, napęd na 4 koła, miejsce dla 4 osób i spory bagaż, mogąc dojechać dokądkolwiek zapragnął kierowca. „Rambo-Lambo” było najczęściej wybierane przez Szejków, którzy nigdy nie mieli problemu z zapełnieniem blisko 288-litrowego zbiornika paliwa. Ten kolos do pierwszej setki rozpędzał się w czasie ok. 8 sekund, co zważywszy na masę blisko 3 ton i aerodynamikę kiosku Ruchu, było imponującym wynikiem. Egzemplarz w nietypowym białym kolorze sprzedany został za imponujące 192,5 tys. USD.


25 July 2015

Lot 142
1988 Lamborghini LM002
To be auctioned on Saturday, July 25, 2015

$140,000 – $180,000
Sold for $192.500

Chassis no. ZA9LU45AXJLA12109
Body no. 133

444 bhp, 5,167 cc DOHC V-12 engine with six Weber carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, independent front and rear suspension with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, and four-wheel hydraulic ventilated disc brakes. Wheelbase: 118 in.

One of only 301 produced, with very few in the United States
Desirable early example with carbureted engine
Attractive, unusual colors; 52,000 kilometers from new
Recent full servicing
A Lamborghini SUV—for the man who has everything

In 1981, the only vehicle that could be found at the intersection of the exotic supercar and the off-road vehicle was Lamborghini’s LM002. It was just as brutish as it was luxurious, and the LM002 found use with a variety of customers, ranging from militaries to Sheiks, as it could be stripped out for professional use or specified with all the luxuries with which Lamborghini’s usual customers were accustomed. Lovingly nicknamed the “Rambo Lambo” for its sheer presence and character, the LM002 was graced with four-wheel drive, seating for four, and more than enough room for luggage, resulting in a vehicle that could go anywhere and make zero compromises.

The LM002’s interior is instantly familiar to anyone who has spent time in a Countach, aside from the obvious addition of rear seats. Wood and leather is abundant, and even though the V-12 sits in front of the driver rather than behind, the exhaust note is still unmistakable, as its engine was sourced from none other than the Countach. Feeding that thirsty V-12 engine was a massive 76-gallon fuel tank, which helped accommodate its 8-mpg fuel consumption. Its performance was extraordinary, as it could complete a 0–60 mph run in just 7.7 seconds, which was incredible considering the LM002’s curb weight was 5,720 pounds!

The LM002 offered here, according to information received from the Lamborghini factory, is an original U.S.-delivery model, completed on March 17, 1988, and delivered on March 29, 1988, through Chrysler Italian Imports of New Jersey. Interestingly enough, it was one of five LM002s that arrived in the United States that same day! Importantly, it was originally built as and remains a desirable carbureted model, and it is still finished in its original color combination of White (LMB 902) over black leather interior.

The present owner notes that a full service has recently been completed, including the installation of a new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, extensive detailing, and the installation of correct (and highly difficult to source) Pirelli Scorpion tires. Its original set of tires will accompany the car, along with a list of its recent service work. Its odometer displayed 52,000 kilometers at the time of cataloguing, or about 32,000 miles, from new.

For exclusivity, power, and luxury in an all-terrain vehicle, it is still difficult to beat a Rambo Lambo!