Lotus Turbo Esprit 1983 – SPRZEDANY

Lotus Esprit to jeden z najbardziej znanych projektów Giorgetto Giugiaro. Charakterystyczna sylwetka i rola w filmach o Jamesie Bondzie uczyniły go jednym z najsłynniejszych samochodów sportowych przełomu lat 70-tych i 80-tych. Prawie przez 20 lat pozostawał w produkcji w praktycznie nie zmienionym kształcie, co świadczy o ponadczasowych liniach samochodu. Lekkie nadwozie, niezależne zawieszenie i centralnie umieszczony silnik o mocy 210 KM zapewniają doskonałe wrażenia. Opisywany Lotus Turbo Esprit pochodzi z pierwszego roku produkcji turbodoładowanej wersji, w którym zmontowano zaledwie 150 sztuk, z czego tylko 7 w kolorze Silver Metallic. Ten jako jedyny z tej siódemki otrzymał wnętrze wykończone skórą, w fantastycznym czerwonym kolorze. Jedyne 32 tys. mil przebiegu pozwoliły mu przetrwać w wyśmienitym stanie. Aby urzeczywistnić marzenie, nabywca wyłożył na aukcji 44 000 dolarów.

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Lot 156

1983 Lotus Turbo Esprit

Chassis no. SCCFC20A8DHF60363

$50,000 – $60,000

Without Reserve

To be auctioned on Thursday, January 19, 2017

210 hp, 2,174 cc DOHC sixteen-valve turbocharged four-cylinder engine, five-speed manual rear transaxle, independent front suspension with upper A-arms, lower lateral links, coil springs, and anti-roll bar; independent rear suspension with upper/lower lateral links, angled trailing arms, and coil springs; and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 96 in.

Highly desirable first-year example, in exceptional low-mileage condition
One-of-one in Silver with full red leather interior
Impressive history file
Rigorously maintained West Coast car

One of the most memorable designs of Italian styling legend Giorgetto Giugiaro, the groundbreaking Lotus Esprit was among the most famous sports cars of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and would remain in production, with the same basic shape but evolving drivetrains, for over 20 years. Low, dramatic, and advanced, with all-independent suspension, a mid-mounted sixteen-valve four-cylinder engine, and four-wheel disc brakes, its performance was as thrilling as its appearance. No wonder that, for a brief time in the films The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only, an Esprit briefly supplanted the Aston Martin as James Bond’s company car of choice.

The Esprit featured in For Your Eyes Only meets an explosive end not long into the film, but its time on-screen was memorable enough to lock it into the minds of enthusiasts worldwide. It was the high-performance, 210-horsepower Turbo model, very similar to the car here, delivered in August 1983 as the 82nd of the 150 examples produced that year. Only seven Turbo Esprits were finished in Silver Metallic in 1983, and this is the only example to be built in that color with a red leather interior.

First registered in Washington State, it was subsequently sold to California in the mid-1990s, and remained there until quite recently. Routinely serviced as-required over the years, it is reported to run and drive virtually as new, with 32,000 actual miles, and even the air conditioning still blowing ice-cold. In fact, in more recent times it was used extensively for touring California and the wine country. Its most recent servicing included new tires.

A “one-of-one” Turbo Esprit with 007 élan, excellent low-mileage originality, and a fine service history, this car marks one of the finest of its kind ever offered at public sale. It is as dramatic and enthralling today as when it was new – a bold but accurate statement, just like the Turbo Esprit itself.