Mercedes 280 SL R107 1980 – SPRZEDANY

Następca Pagody zaprojektowany został z zastosowaniem wszystkiego, co koncern miał najlepsze, gwarantując o wiele wyższe bezpieczeństwo od swojego poprzednika (o 50% wyższa sztywność nadwozia, kontrolowane strefy zgniotu, wzmocnione słupki A, zastosowanie miękkich materiałów w kabinie). Zza kierownicy łączył komfort i dynamikę, zapewnianą przez stosowane po raz pierwszy w klasie SL silniki V8. Dwa lata później, na skutek kryzysu paliwowego, do oferty dołączoną oszczędny silnik R6 z podwójnym wałkiem rozrządu w głowicy (DOHC). Tak powstał Mercedes 280 SL R107 – model podstawowy, po którym oszczędności nie widać. Jego ceny dziś nie są niskie, szczególnie jeżeli pragniemy odnaleźć perfekcyjnie zachowany egzemplarz z niskim przebiegiem.


In spring 1971, another production sports car was presented with the Type 350 SL, replacing the 280 SL, which had been built since January 1968. Technically, this model was a brand new development which had almost nothing in common with its predecessor. However, the same basic components had already been used in other Mercedes-Benz models: Front and rear wheel suspension was basically the same as that of the „Stroke Eight” models and the V8-engine was a familiar feature of the saloons, coupés and convertibles of the 280 SE 3.5 Type.

With respect to the general concept the differences were less clear: Like its predecessor, the 350 SL was a two-seater with fully retractable roadster hood and removable hard top. However, the new model, represented a once and for all departure from the uncompromisingly hard sports car, – and, incidentally, even the „Pagoda SL”, too, was not a true representation of that type – in favour of a more comfortable yet powerful luxury two-seater. The 350 SL – with the internal code name R 107 – was equipped with numerous innovatory details, which were to result in increased passive and active safety and set the course for the future development of passenger cars. The fuel tank was no longer located in the rear of the car but had been transferred to a collision-proof position above the rear axle. In the passenger cabin, an upholstered dashboard, flexible or retractable switches and buttons and the new four-spoked steering wheel with an in-built rebounding device and a broader upholstered centre-piece provided a maximum of safety in case of collision.

New wind deflector profiles at the A-pillars, which served as drainage rails for dirt water in heavy rain and kept the windows clean even in poor weather conditions guaranteed very good vision. Further details, adding to the safety of the car, were clearly visible indicators as well as large taillights, which, thanks to their ribbed surface profile, were almost completely soil-repellent.

Model: 280 SL
Model designation: SL- class
Series: R 107
Year of construction: 1980
Chassis number: on request
Transmission number: on request
Condition category: Collectors Edition
Production preriod: 1974 – 1985

Odometer reading / milometer (read off): 45.023 km
Service life: 45.023 km
Number of previous owners: 2
Initial registration: 02.05.1980
Engine number: on request
Matching numbers: No
Price: 52.590,- Euro
Location: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Exterior paint: white
Colour designation (of manufacturer):
Sun roof: No
Folding roof: Yes
Power steering: Yes
Central locking (system / mechanism): No
Interior paint: brown
Interior material: leather

Seat heating: No
Air conditioning: No
ABS (antilock brake system): No
Airbag: No
Green badge: No
Technical inspection association: NEU
H-plate: Yes
Quantity: 25.436

Body design: roadster
Power (HP): 185 PS
Cylinder capacity (cc): 2746 ccm
Cylinder: 6
(Car) door: 2
Steering element: recirculating-ball power steering
Transmission: 4-speed manual transmission
Gear: 4-speed

Drive: rear wheel drive
Brake (mechanism) front: hydraulic dual-circuit brake system
Brake (mechanism) rear: hydraulic dual-circuit brake system
Fuel: gasoline
Acceleration: 11,0 S
Top speed: 195 km/h
Fuel consumption: 12,5 l