Mercedes Unimog 406 Doppelkabine 1975 – SPRZEDANY

Choć nasz rejon Europy nie uchodzi za teren sprzyjający sprzedaży klasyków na aukcjach, Bonhams już drugi raz zorganizował aukcję jednej marki – Mercedesa. Wśród wielu ciekawych samochodów niewątpliwie uwagę przykuwa Mercedes Unimog 406 Doppelkabine. Choć był projektowany po wojnie jako maszyna rolnicza, jego zakres przydatności okazał się wielokrotnie szerszy. Ten licytowany służył w Luftwaffe do holowania samolotów. Pochodzi z serii 406 i posiada podwójną kabinę, jako jeden z 353 egzemplarzy wyprodukowanych między 1974 a 1986 rokiem. Przepracował ledwie 1478 godzin i jest w doskonałym stanie, zarejestrowany aktualnie na niemieckich tablicach samochodu zabytkowego. Uzyskana cena: ok. 221 tys. PLN (wliczając prowizję).


Lot 134
Chassis no. 406.145-10-026284
€40,000 – 50,000
PLN 160,000 – 210,000
Sold for €54,050 inc.premium
(PLN 221,486)

AUCTION 22719:
28 Mar 2015 14:00 CET

1975 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Doppelkabine 4×4
Chassis no. 406.145-10-026284
Designed in the aftermath of WW2 and still in production today, the Unimog 4×4 was intended to serve the needs of the agricultural community but, like the contemporary Land Rover, ended up filling an almost limitless variety of other roles. One of the Unimog’s more unusual design features was a flexible chassis frame, effectively part of the suspension, while the equal-sized wheels meant that it was better suited for highway use than a conventional tractor. Power take-offs were provided to enable the Unimog to operate a wide variety of machinery: brush mowers, snow blowers, etc. Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz since 1951, the versatile Unimog has seen service with fire departments, municipal authorities, aid agencies and armies worldwide, and has won the truck class of the Dakar Rally more than once.

The vehicle offered here is an example of the 406 series. It is a relatively rare 406.145 dual cabin model, 353 of which were built between 1974 and 1986. All variants were powered by diesel engines of varying outputs, this six-cylinder Unimog having the 5.7-litre 84bhp unit installed.

Originally delivered to the Luftwaffe for towing aircraft, it features a special clutch (Wandlerkupplung) for smooth starting. The engine is an original exchange unit, which is believed to have been fitted during its Luftwaffe service and presently indicates 1,478 hours of operation. The gearbox has six forward and two reverse gears. Other noteworthy features include fresh batteries for the 24V electrical system; battery off switch; 12V outlet; four-wheel drive selector; rear axle differential lock; front hydraulic and auxiliary drive shaft; and an 'after market’ rear loading deck with integral stow boxes. There is also a ball coupling, the latter not recorded on the registration papers. The original 'heavy truck’ clutch is included in the sale.

The previous owner, a retired engineer and keen collector, had the vehicle repainted in an original Unimog colour 'Enzian Blue’ (RAL 5010) and had the gearbox overhauled as necessary. The current owner purchased the Unimog in 2007 and had some minor restoration carried out, including a brake overhaul; exhaust silencer and tail pipe replacement; and new seat covers, door trim and headlining. In 2009 the vehicle was registered on German historic plates and since then has only been used for private outings. A DEKRA-certificate confirming its originality comes with the Unimog together with a driver’s instruction manual, maintenance invoices, current TüV and original data sheet (Inspektionskarte).