Nissan Fairlady Z 432 1972 – SPRZEDANY

Choć jego sylwetka może wydawać nam się znajoma, Nissan Fairlady Z 432 to wyjątkowo rzadki okaz. Wyprodukowany jedynie w 420 egzemplarzach wyłącznie na rynek japoński, swój nawiększy skarb skrywa pod maską – to legendarny silnik S20, dokładnie taki sam jak w modelu Skyline GTR, z głowicą posiadającą po 4 zawory na cylinder, kręcący się do niebotycznych 7500 obr./min. Na aukcji w Nowym Jorku pojawiła się jedna z 23 sztuk z pierwszego roku produkcji. Odrestaurowany w Japonii na początku naszego wieku, doposażony został w klimatyzację i oryginalny fabryczny roll-bar. Uzyskana cena za to cacko to ok. 687 tys. PLN.


ESTIMATE: $125,000 – $250,000 USD
SOLD: $170,800 USD

Lot: 111
Auction: ‘Rolling Sculpture’ 2015 NYC
19th November 2015 5:00pm EST

The relatively recent emergence of JDM, or Japanese Domestic Market, cars into the international fine automobile marketplace has been celebrated for adding variety and color to the landscape. The Fairlady Z 432 was a limited edition model with only 420 examples built solely for the Japanese market. The opportunity to obtain one in the United States is rare, no less for a finely presented one with rare options and accepted updates. The most significant aspect of the ‘432’ variant is its engine, the same used as the famed Skyline GTR with Four valves per cylinder, three carburetors, and two overhead camshafts. Other ‘432’ Variant options include magnesium wheels and a rear spoiler. This unit was also ordered with a very rare factory roll cage.

Year: 1972
Body: Nissan
Model: Fairlady Z 432
Chassis: PS30-00524
Mileage: 46,396 km
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Black

Imported From Japan
Rare And Sought-after 432 Variant
Restorated Using Authentic And Original Parts
Upgraded Aluminum Radiator
Added Air Conditioning
Original Factory Colors
Tool Kit Included
Excellent Running Condition
Cover And Feature Vehicle For JDM Magazine
First Registered In Japan In 1972
Titled In U.S. As '1972 Nissan Fairlady Z432′

The official Japanese Export Certificate states that PS30-00524 was first registered in June 1972. It further documents the mileage as 26,843 miles in June 2011, and 27,775 in 2013. Although not much is known of its early history, this car was owned twice by Bingo Sports, one of Japan’s most highly-respected collector car and supercar dealers. It was restored to a very high standard in the early 2000’s, when we also believe the aftermarket air conditioning and aluminum radiator were fitted. This car was purchased and imported to the USA in March 2015 by a renowned Japanese Domestic Car enthusiast and collector. This car has a clear Montana title. This automobile was restored in Japan by marque experts in the early 2000’s, retaining primarily original parts, original wheels, and its distinctive factory roll bar.

The Fairlady Z was launched in November 1969 and immediately following its (“it’s” is a contraction of “it is”, not a possessive) release, it became Nissan’s signature car. With only 420 units produced, and only 23 of these made in 1972, the Fairlady Z432 is the most rare of Z models. It is the subject of many tales of racing prowess, including a famous tussle with a Ford GT40 in the January 1970 running of the Suzuka 300km race. But, it was in April 1970, in the 'Race de Nippon 6 Hours’, just the 3rd race from the car’s debut, when a Z432, driven by Moto Kitano and Masahiro Hasemi, won for the first time. Soon after that victory, development of the 240Z with its export-spec L24 engine got started.

Relatively new to the US market, first-generation S 20-engined cars have been recognized as significant to the future of the collector car market by major magazines, such as Sports Car Market. And following the Monterey sale of a 1970 Skyline GT-R, the New York Times declared “…2014 might be remembered as the year when Japanese collectibles came of age.”
The only known public sale of a Fairlady Z432 in recent years occurred in March of this year at RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island sale. That car, which came from the same American JDM enthusiast’s collection as the car on offer here, had a pre-auction estimate of $150,000-$200,000. When the hammer fell, the car had achieved a final price of $230,000 ($253,000 including buyer’s premium).

This is a highly original car that had a restoration by marque experts, but it does have an aftermarket aluminum radiator and an air-conditioning system, which, while improving performance and comfort, will detract from this car’s desirability to the “purist” collector.
The engine, transmission, and rear end are different from the US-import model 240Z’s, but many other components are shared, making parts for the car relatively easy to get. Engine and drivetrain parts can be obtained through specialist JDM parts suppliers, and the majority of these parts are shared with the Skyline 2000GTRs of the period.

This is a very fine example of one of Japan’s most important performance cars. Fun, fast and well balanced, with a twin-cam, triple carbureted, 6-cylinder engine that redlines at 7500 RPM. A well-tuned Z432 will put a smile on your face. The example on offer is a rare and striking original color with an even more rare factory-installed roll bar. A Z432 of this quality is rarely seen for sale on the market in Japan, let alone in the USA.