Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R 1969 – SPRZEDANY

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R zwany Hakosuka miał tradycyjną formę trójbryłowego sedana, ale był czystej krwi samochodem wyścigowym. Prawdziwym klejnotem był jego silnik – sześć cylindrów, 2 litry pojemności, 2 wałki rozrządu, 3 gaźniki i wysokoobrotowa charakterystyka, z czerwonym polem sięgającym 7500 obr./min. Jednostka S-20 pochodziła wprost z wyścigowego Nissana R380, który zasłynął pobiciem Porsche 906 podczas japońskiego Grand Prix w 1966. Skyline 2000 GT-R oprócz niezwykłego serca zaoferował tylny napęd, zawieszenie z podwójnymi wahaczami z przodu i niezależnym zawieszeniem tylnych kół, brak wspomagania kierownicy i hamulców – zapewniało to prawdziwie czyste doznania z jazdy i poskutkowało 33 zwycięstwami w klasie osiągniętymi w japońskich seriach wyścigowych. Skyline GT-R wydany został na świat w jedynie 2029 sztukach, z czego jedynie 832 otrzymały 4-drzwiowe nadwozie, jak ten z aukcji Bonhams. Ten przepiękny egzemplarz otrzymał modyfikacje silnika, przeprowadzone w tradycyjny sposób i w duchu epoki. Prezentowany Skyline był przedstawiony w znanym programie Jay’a Leno, który niezwykle wychwalał jego egzotyczne korzenie i wyścigową duszę. Sprzedany został podczas aukcji za 130 tysięcy dolarów, czyli ponad 498 tysięcy złotych.


Lot 304
US$ 150,000 – 180,000
PLN 570,000 – 690,000

7 Mar 2019, 13:00 EST


1969 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R
Chassis no. PGC10-000565

1,990cc DOHC Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
Triple Webber Carburetors
160bhp at 7,000rpm
5-Speed Manual
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Front Discs with Drum Rear Brakes

*Incredibly rare in the United States
*The Beginning of the legend
*Period correct Modifications
*Well maintained and ready to run


Introduced in February of 1969, the PGC-10 Skyline 2000 GT-R was the culmination of the former Prince Skyline’s first foray on the racetrack. During this launch, the GT-R was marketed together with the Nissan R380 racecar to exhibit the Skyline’s motorsport history. This new body style, still a traditional 3 box saloon, inspired the car’s enduring nickname- 'Hakosuka’, a portmanteau of the box and skyline in Japanese.

Under the hood and meaningfully mounted low is a true jewel of a motor. Displacing 2 liters with dual overhead cams, and a stratospheric 7,500rpm redline, the 6-cylinder, S-20 heart of the GT-R beats with enthusiastic power delivery and a signature wail known by anyone who has ever seen the car pass by in anger. This glorious S-20 engine was derived from the popular Nissan R380 racecar which gained fame when it beat the Porsche 906 at the 1966 Japan Grand Prix. This powerplant was only featured in GT-R’s and Fairlady Z 432’s, making it a rare and highly sought after race engine. Sure footed, the competition tuned suspension features double wishbones up front with an independent trailing arm system in the rear- both with a confidence inspiring level of stiffness and rigidity not often found on cars of this vintage. Furthermore, unassisted brakes and a lack of power steering add to a high level of connection, albeit with some added effort being necessary. In summation, the original GT-R offers a driving experience that can only be described as pure.

Much like its kin, the PGC-10 GT-R was a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. The sedan alone secured an unbroken streak of 33 straight victories on racetracks around its home nation, the synonymity with competition is indebted to the progenitor of the nameplate. Being that the Nissan factory installed a de-tuned race engine from the R380 directly into the GT-R speaks wonders of the ability to win so many races. The immense quality of the PGC-10 GT-R as a driver’s car cemented the very beginnings of this legend. The lack of official importation and limited production have furthered this hallowed status among stateside Japanese car enthusiasts and as a result the Hakosuka exists as a keystone of the far east collector market.


Of the 2,029 GT-Rs produced between 1969 and 1972, the sedan model, like the one on offer, presents as the rarer of the two body styles with only 832 exiting the factory doors. Since so many PGC-10 GT-R’s were used for racing, not many examples have survived and left in such great condition for street use, making this example a rare specimen.

Prior to the vehicle entering the United States, it had remained under the ownership of a famous car collector in its home country. It is reported that all of the original bodywork is present and matching numbers, but a series of period medications have been affixed to the car along with a restoration of the exterior paint. These alterations include: racing cams, racing manifold and stainless-steel exhaust, triple Weber 45mm carburetors, an aluminum radiator, 15″ Watanabe magnesium wheels, a Nardi classic steering wheel, and a rear-view mirror from a factory works GT-R race car.

This previous owner took diligent care of his GT-R and it is further reported that the car was inspected and serviced before importation. In 2017, it was entered in the Hokkaido Classic Car Rally and unsurprisingly finished with no issues. This Nissan truly presents in wonderful condition and is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner carving up roads across the country. This vehicle comes with books and tool kit, along with an assortment of used spare parts including the factory Mikuni-Solex carburetors, clutch, camshaft, pulley, replacement belt and hose, brand new set of Yokohama tires, and more miscellaneous extras.

Rarely do Hakosuka’s escape their home market, as they are heavily desired commodities, and considered historical motorsport heritage. When this particular example arrived to the United States, well known car collector and celebrity, Jay Leno, featured it on his popular series, Jay Leno’s Garage, where he gleamed about the enjoyment of the driving experience, stating „This is probably one of the best kept secrets for car enthusiasts” and „This is just a fascinating automobile.” Bonhams is proud to offer this excellent example and provide the opportunity to get your hands on one of the finest cars to ever come out of the land of the rising sun.