Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 1987 – SPRZEDANY

Peugeot 205 GTI to samochód szykowny i sportowy, który stał się dumą całego francuskiego pokolenia. Godny rywal VW Golfa GTI, debiutował w 1984 roku w wersji 1.6. Rok później sukces modelu opromieniła specjalna wersja wyczynowa 205 T16, a jeszcze w kolejnym roku ukazała się wersja 1.9, wyróżniająca się wyższą mocą maksymalną, hamulcami tarczowymi przy wszystkich kołach i większymi felgami. To był złoty środek między świetnymi osiągami i dobrą ceną, który uczynił auto prawdziwą legendą. Prezentowany egzemplarz miał wszystkie zadatki, aby stać się rekordowym. Przebieg jedynie 6800 kilometrów, udokumentowana historia, zjawiskowy stan wizualny i mechaniczny. Na dodatek jest to jeden z nielicznych egzemplarzy 1.9 z pierwszej serii produkcyjnej (wyróżniającej się na przykład spojlerem nad tylną szybą i innym designem deski rozdzielczej). Aukcja, która odbyła się w rodzimym kraju tego niezwykle lubianego modelu, stała się niezwykłym pojedynkiem kolekcjonerów. Wyceniany na 28-40 tysięcy euro osiągnął finalnie cenę 47200 euro (ponad 200 tysięcy złotych!), co stanowi światowy rekord aukcyjny dla tego modelu.


28 000 – 40 000 €

Most desirable version
Impeccable condition
Documented history

French registration title
Chassis N°: VF3741C8607718365

The launch of the Peugeot 205 GTI created a real sensation. Here at long last was a sporty French car capable of rivalling the benchmark German models. The press praised the new hot-hatch and the 205 GTI was elected Best Sporting Car of 1984 by Echappement magazine. At last a “chic and sport” model which would become an emblem for a whole generation. To rival the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which had created the new GTI category in 1975, Peugeot unveiled the 205 GTI 1.6 at the 1984 Geneva Motor Show. The following year, the victory of the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 in the World Rally Championship gave the 205 GTI an undisputed status. A well balanced package, with good performance and a keen price, the car was unanimously liked by both journalists and the public.

The 205 GTI 1.9 that we present to you was sold new by the A.G.A dealership in Orleans on February 26, 1987. Its owner, Mrs. Biron, then 60 years old, registered it as 6808 SV 45. When she died in 2009, a distant cousin inherited the car. Not using it, he decided to sell it in 2011, at which time his current owner acquired it. At the time, the odometer show only 5,831 km long, as the car had not been driven in previous years, so a general overhaul was carried out by a specialist before the mechanics were restarted. Since then, the car has been meticulously maintained, a complete overhaul including changing the timing belt, draining all fluids and replacing the exhaust system was carried out last May, with the odometer only showing 6,719 km. Accompanied by its maintenance booklet, operating instructions, duplicate keys and purchase invoice, this car is now in an exceptional state of preservation. The bodywork has been completely polished by a professional to restore its graphite grey paint to its original shine. The interior is superb, the red carpets are bright, the semi leather upholstery is in new condition, as the dashboard, which shows no defects. During the test, we really had a new car in our hands: no parasitic noise disrupts the car’s driving, the XU9JA takes its turns perfectly and bewitches us with every acceleration. Proof of this excellent condition, the technical inspection is valid and has no defects. By combining extremely low mileage, exceptional condition and being one of the oldest 1.9, this 205 deserves the attention of the most demanding GTI collectors.