Peugeot 205 T16 1984 – ok. 870000 PLN – UK

Powiedzieć o nim kultowy, to mało. Peugeot 205 T16 to prawdziwa legenda, dziecko szalonych lat 80-tych, jedna z 200 wyprodukowanych sztuk, wspominana z rozrzewieniem cywilna wersja rajdowego potwora grupy B. Ze zwykłą, miejską 205-tką dzielił jedynie drobne detale, będąc opracowaną od podstaw wyczynową konstrukcją, opartą na rurowej ramie, z turbodoładowanym silnikiem umieszczonym centralnie i napędem na cztery koła. Ten prezentowany zachowany jest w pięknej kondycji, z przebiegiem jedynie 12266 km.


1984 PEUGEOT 205 T16

LHD, one of only 200, original Italian press car, only 7,600 miles, lovely condition.

Under the management of Jean Todt, the factory Peugeot 205 Turbo 16s (T16) rally cars were the most successful cars of the late Group B era, becoming constructors and drivers champions in 1985 and 1986 driven by Timo Salonen and Juha Kankkunen.

Peogeot were required to build 200 roadgoing versions for homologation to compete in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Not surprisingly the roadgoing T16 had little in common with the workaday production 205 and instead shared the transverse mid-engine, four-wheel drive layout of the rally car along with wide wheel arches, huge airscoops and a rear clamshell section which lifted up to give full access to the engine compartment.

The engine was a 1.8 turbocharged four cylinder unit based on the cast iron diesel block of the XU family but with a 16 valve head. The motor produced 197 horsepower and was mounted where the rear seats would normally be. Transmission was via 4 wheel drive (power was adjustable front to rear) with epicyclic centre differential and viscous coupling system and the gearbox was a Citroen XM unit mounted transversely.

Construction was based on a very stiff tubular design and the body was built under contract by Heuliez from heavily modified standard three door monocoques. The rear of the standard bodyshells was cut off and replaced with a firewall that was welded in between the B-pillars. The rear frame comprised sheet steel and tubes and more tubes carried the front suspension. The completed road car bodies were delivered to Simca (Talbot) for completion. All road versions were left hand drive and finished in grey with two-tone grey interior except the first car which was white with rally decals.

The T16 is the ultimate rally-bred homologation special from the 1980’s and we are delighted to present one of the 200 homologation versions for sale here. Finished in the obligatory grey with two-tone grey interior, this example was delivered new in the autumn of 1984 to the Italian office of Peugeot for press demonstrations. Of note it was featured in Quattroroute, Italy’s leading motoring magazine, where is was tested by ex F1 driver Ivan Capelli. In 2015 it received a major service by R3-Rally Racing Rent of Vezzano Sul Crostolo Reggio Emilia, Italy and works included new shock absorbers, brakes and brake servo.

The T16 was imported into the UK in 2015 and is in lovely condition with only 12,266 kms (7,621 miles) showing on the odometer, it is also accompanied by its original owners’ handbook.