Peugeot 504 Coupe 1972 – SPRZEDANY

Enzo Ferrari wiedział, co w motoryzacji najlepsze. Uwielbiał piękne samochody, choć te własnej marki uznawał za zbyt niewygodne w codziennym użyciu. W pierwszej połowie lat 70-tych najczęściej mogliśmy go zobaczyć za kierownicą Peugeot’ów 504, które posiadał zarówno w wersji sedan, jak i coupe. Ten ostatni nie tylko oferował mocną mechanikę i wysoki komfort, lecz również przepiękna nadwozie autorstwa studio Pininfarina. Ciekawostką jest, że w tym samochodzie znajdziemy również kilka elementów wspólnych z niektórymi modelami Ferrari, przyciski i elementy wentylacji. Zupełnie w innych kategoriach mieszczą się tylko ceny tych samochodów. Jeden z ok. 14500 wyprodukowanych, odrestaurowany kilkanaście lat temu Peugeot 504 Coupe pierwszej serii, możemy kupić w Holandii za mniej niż 16 tys. euro.

Peugeot 504 Coupe 1st Series ’72
15,950 Euro

Mileage 102,828
Bhp 106 pk
Year 1972
Engine capacity 1971 cc
Exterior colour Bleu Vert Métallisé
Engine configuration 4 cylinder line with injection
Interior colour Turquoise velour
Engine number Matching
Upholstery Velour
Rims 14-inch alloy FRS alloy
0 – 100 km/u 10.7 sec
Wheels Marum
Top speed 179 km/u
Production numbers 14583
VIN number 1423722
Other Beautifully restored

More than three million Peugeot 504s were built over a 38-year period. With that number in mind, one can certainly say that the 504 Coupe (only 14,500 ever built) had a very modest production run indeed. And remember, these were never the most rust-resistant cars (although what cars from that era were?). Consequently, it’s estimated that worldwide there only a few thousand healthy models still driving around today. Although our streetscapes would certainly look a lot more attractive if there were more of these beauties around. After all, who launches such a fine looking car today, one with such French class, heightened only by the Italian design sophistication of PininFarina. What a beauty. And moreover, not only designed but also built by Pininfarina. And with an Italian manufacturer of very limited series of cars, one is also pleasantly surprised by the creative work that went on in the company storeroom: for example, some of this car’s various knobs and ventilation components can also be found in a certain Ferrari….In the 504 Coupe’s with air-conditioning, the knobs that control the air conditioning are the same as those in the Ferrari Daytona. That knob alone must be worth the price of a 504 Coupe…. But seriously, I discovered this 504 Coupe in a heated garage in central Italy. A restored car that has always remained rust-free. The ravages of time however eventually took a cosmetic toll, so the car was repainted and reupholstered. The engine technology was also updated, and, by late 2004, this beautiful and fine driving 504 Coupe was back on the road driving. The owner/aficionado had many other beauties on wheels in his garage, but after owning this car for eleven years, some bad business developments occurred and he was forced to sell. And then along came an enthusiastic Dutchman…although at such moments one must not allow one’s love and appreciation to show too much. I immediately purchased the car, and the money paid was very welcome.. This is one my favorite cars, one you just want to drive, but the wheel must keep turning, so now she is for sale here in Warmond. Reasonably priced and in very fine condition. A beautiful color combination, although that of course is matter of personal taste. We welcome your visit. We’ll serve the coffee, will you bring the croissants?

Modest car, modest option list, yet fine velour upholstery, alloy wheels, power windows and an authentic radio dating from that era.

Nicely tight, impressive and rust-free metal plating. Repainted in 2003 on a hard body – the very beautiful paintwork remains. No signs or wear anywhere. Nice deep shine to the paintwork. High quality chrome with a pristine sheen. Bumpers are beautifully straight on the body. Original windows. A beauty overall. No 100,000 euro restoration work done, as this only makes sense for a Daytona. Looks great and always lovingly handled and cared for.