Porsche 911 Turbo 930 Slantnose 1987 – SPRZEDANE

Porsche 911 Turbo 930 samo w sobie jest wyjątkowe, lecz z fabryczną opcją M505 zwaną Flachbau bądź Slantnose to niemal unikat. Takich samochodów zamówiono w fabryce zaledwie 609, choć na rynku funkcjonuje wiele replik. Aerodynamiczny nos wywodzi się ze świata wyścigów i jest przeniesioną na drogi cechą słynnego Porsche 935 Moby Dick. Oto oryginalne 930 Slantnose, zamówione na rynku amerykańskim i wyposażone dodatkowo m.in. w burgundową skórzaną tapicerkę, szyberdach, dyferencjał o ograniczonym poślizgu i bogaty system audio. Zachowane w oryginalnym stanie, na liczniku ma zaledwie 54 tysiące mil, a w zestawie jest kompletna dokumentacja. Licytowane bez ceny minimalnej, osiągnęło ok. 505 tys. PLN (wliczając prowizję).

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Lot 54
Featured in Automobile magazine
Displayed at the New York Auto Show
US$ 110,000 – 140,000
PLN 420,000 – 540,000
Sold for US$ 134,750 (PLN 504,959) inc. premium

AUCTION 22792:
14 Aug 2015 11:00 PDT

VIN. WP0JB0932HS050488
Engine no. 68H00501

3,299cc SOHC Turbocharged Flat 6-Cylinder Engine
Bosch Fuel Injection
282bhp at 5,500rpm
4-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
4-Wheel Disc Brakes

*Highly original, low-mileage example
*Factory-optioned M505 Slantnose 930
*North American Show History and Automobile cover car
*Elegant Diamond Blue Metallic over Burgundy livery
*Offered with books, tools, window sticker COA and CARFAX


„It offers the finest blend of ultimate performance and refinement I have ever come across…” – Paul Frère on the Porsche 911 Turbo.

What set the 911 Turbo apart from its peers was the relaxed way this stupefying performance was delivered. Comparing the Turbo to similarly quick 'he-man’ cars such as the Holman & Moody-tuned Cobra 427 and the Ford GT40, Motor’s Roger Bell reckoned what made the Porsche so different was that it „hurls you forward with similar velocity but in an uncannily quiet and effortless way. To be shoved so hard in the back that you need high-back seats to keep your head on, yet neither to feel nor hear anything more than a muffled hum, is a very odd sensation indeed in a car.”

The Turbo’s characteristic flared wheelarches and 'tea tray’ rear spoiler had already been seen on the Carrera model while the interior was the most luxurious yet seen in a 911, featuring leather upholstery, air conditioning and electric windows. For 1978 the Turbo’s engine was enlarged to 3.3 liters, gaining an inter-cooler in the process; power increased to 300bhp and the top speed of what was the fastest-accelerating road car of its day went up to 160mph. Sadly, US Porsche customers were only able to enjoy the newly enlarged Turbo for a couple of years before increasingly tough emissions legislation forced its withdrawal from the North American market. More refined than hitherto yet retaining its high performance edge, the Porsche 911 Turbo sold in the thousands, becoming the definitive sports car of its age.


According to the Porsche-issued Certificate of Authenticity, this 930 was completed at Zuffenhausen on the 23rd of December 1986 as it appears today; a 1987 model-year 930 with the special-order M505 'Flachbau’ or 'Slantnose’ front body-work, finished in Diamond Blue Metallic over a Burgundy leather interior, and equipped with sunroof, limited slip differential, special audio system and center console. The new Porsche had been completed to US specifications, and was according to letters on file from Porsche North America shown at the 1897 Atlanta and New York Autoshows, as well as used in articles in Porsche Exclusive and Automobile magazines. After touring the show circuits, the 930 was delivered to Fort Wayne, Indiana based Langeland Porsche on August 19, 1987, where a Mr. Norris of Canton, Connecticut became the first, and sole owner for decades.

As is commonly known, Porsches of this era were finished at Porsche AG as 'worldwide chassis’ meaning that many have a different prefix in the stamped VIN as the one the car is identified under. This car was given worldwide chassis number WP0ZZZ93ZHS050488, as stamped on its chassis-tub, but was then assigned the US-market specific VIN of WP0JB0932HS050488 once it was eventually slated for US delivery. The car’s Porsche issued Certificate of Authenticity is also based on its ultimate US-market VIN number.

Presented in largely original and extraordinarily well-kept condition, this 930 Slantnose is offered with books, tools, Porsches Certificate of Authenticity, and a wonderful history file which includes the cars original window sticker, magazine articles and letters from Porsche North America. Looking period correct with color-coded Fuchs wheels, and showing less than 54,000 miles — a figure corroborated as original by its clean CarFax report, this largely original 930 Turbo will no doubt continue to thrill and excite. The experience at the wheel of this beast will provide the closest thing to a time machine, taking you back to an era when electric nannies like stability control were barely wisps in the burnt rubber emanating from this Turbo’s massive rear tires.