Renault 5 Turbo 1983 – SPRZEDANE

Renault 5 Turbo to samochód z silnikiem umieszczonym centralnie, z napędem na tylną oś. Ten egzemplarz to oryginalna rajdówka, jeden z 20 samochodów zespołu fabrycznego, z historią startów w Rajdowych Mistrzostwach Świata. Za jego kierownicą sezon 1983 spędził słynny Jean Ragnotti, a w 1986 roku Paul Rouby sięgnął po 6. miejsce w Tour de Corse. Na aukcji Bonhams, której nazwę można przetłumaczyć jako „Najważniejsze marki w Grand Palace”, nie mogło zabraknąć smaczków takich jak ten samochód. Odrestaurowane w pełni w 2010 roku, przygotowane jest według specyfikacji z epoki i jest gotowe do jazdy. Jego aktualne biało-żółte barwy odtwarzają pierwotny schemat kolorystyczny zespołu Renault Sport. To wspaniałe Renault 5 Turbo wycenione zostało na 200 – 300 tys. euro (870 000 – 1 300 000 PLN), ale ile naprawdę pasjonat jest w stanie za niego zapłacić? Wylicytowane zostało za 195 500 euro.


Lot 372
€200,000 – 300,000
PLN 870,000 – 1,300,000
13:30 CET

The ex-Jean Ragnotti, Paul Rouby, 6th overall Tour de Corse 1986
1983 Renault 5 Turbo Tour de Corse Group B Works Rally Car
Chassis no. VF1822004D0000016

•Iconic Group B homologation special
•One of only 20 works cars
•Known ownership history from new
•Restored by Stephane Poudrel

Not to be confused with the conventional front-wheel drive Renault 5 Gordini Turbo or GT Turbo, the Renault 5 Turbo (and later Turbo 2) was a mid-engined homologation special built in limited numbers for Group B rallying between 1979 and 1986. Renault’s considerable Formula 1-derived turbo-charging expertise was applied to the humble 1.4-litre overhead-valve engine, resulting in a power increase to 160bhp (in road trim), an output sufficient for a top speed of 260km/h and a 0-100km/h time of around 7 seconds. In the Turbo, this remarkable little engine was mounted amidships (where the rear passenger seats had been) and drove the rear wheels via a five-speed transaxle.

A thinly disguised two-seater supercar, the Turbo was first seen in prototype form at the 1978 Paris Salon and made its competition debut in 1980 on the Tour de Corse, where Jean Ragnoti’s 250bhp works car led the event before succumbing to electrical trouble. In 1981 Ragnotti/Andrie won the Monte Carlo Rally outright for Renault and the following year Ragnotti won the Tour de Corse again. Faced with increasing competition from teams running four-wheel drive cars, Renault responded with more powerful Tour de Corse and Maxi Turbo variants, Ragnotti adding another Tour de Corse win in the latter in 1985. At the end of the season the works team retired the 5 Turbo from competition. Had Renault chosen to contest a full international programme with the 5 Turbo rather than concentrating on French national events, then its record at the highest level would surely have been even more impressive.

One of only 20 works cars built for Group B competition, this Renault 5 Tour de Corse was raced during the 1983 season by Jean Ragnotti. Correspondence of file between the vendor and Mr Patrick Landon (Renault Sport Rally director between 1978 and 1997) states that chassis number 'D0000016′ is one of three cars bought and registered by Renault Sport on the 12th January 1983 (together with chassis numbers ’13’ and ’14’).

From 1983 to 1985, chassis ’16’ had various different colour schemes. Originally it was finished in Renault Sport’s white and yellow, when driven by Jean Ragnotti; then red and white (Philips) in 1984 when it was also a test car for Ragnotti; and finally in Radiola livery at the Tour de Corse in 1986. It was driven to 6th place overall in the latter event by Paul Rouby, who in the same year won 'La Ronde de la Durance’ in France.

Renault Sport had sold the Tour de Corse to Paul Rouby in 1985. When Group B was abolished in 1987, Rouby sold the car to a French collector, who kept it until 2002 before selling it again to another French collector.

Bought by the current vendor in 2010, the car has been fully restored by Stephane Poudrel in La Garenne, France. It is now presented in Renault Sport’s distinctive yellow and white livery, as it was when raced by Ragnotti. It has a straight cut gearbox fitted at present, but the original Renault Sport gearbox is supplied. Otherwise, all the parts are completely original, while the engine has been prepared to the same specification as that developed by Bozian Racing, who worked exclusively on the works cars.
A genuine Group B works rally car, in generally excellent condition and ready to be enjoyed, this exciting Renault 5 Tour de Corse is sold with French Carte Grise, a selection of period photographs, and Paul Rouby’s Passeport Technique FFSA (showing all the rallies in which he participated in period).