Renault Alpine A110 1970 – SPRZEDANE

Renault Alpine A110 to owiany legendą samochód rajdowy i wyścigowy, piękny i niezwykle szybki. Zbudowany na podstawie popularnej mechaniki Renault, zupełnie nową jakość wprowadził dzięki niskiej masie, opływowej karoserii i doskonałej jakości prowadzenia. Prezentowany wóz pojawi się na licytacji domu aukcyjnego Auctionata 4 maja. To fabryczna rajdówka, przez wiele lat używana do ścigania. W 1994 roku została odrestaurowana, przywrócona do pierwotnej formy i wyglądu. Cena wywoławcza: 40000 euro. Sprzedana za: 68090 euro (uwzględniając prowizję i VAT).


6 | RENAULT Alpine A110, Factory-made Rally Version, Model 1970

Auction takes place on:

May 4, 2015
12 pm EDT

Sold for € 68,090.00
Starting price € 40,000.00
Estimated value € 80,000.00

Alpine A110 Berlinette
Alpine, Renault, France, model 1970
Registration date: 1970
Vehicle identification number: B00399
Engine identification number: n. s.
1.3 liter engine with 51 kw
Manual transmission
Mileage in kilometers displayed: 18,243
Color: blue; interior: black
Austrian documents

The 'Alpine’ was first delivered in France in rally make and a little later it was used for this purpose. It was then bought by a German residing in Italy and was also used in races. In 1992 the car found its way to Austria. In 1994 another change of ownership occurred. It then went into the hands of an Alpine enthusiast who entirely restored the car’s original condition without sparing neither costs nor efforts. His goal was to get as close to the original as possible. Accordingly, the current owner bought an Alpine how it should be. The Alpine comes with, amongst others, bucket seats, chest belts, a Retro Trip odometer and decoration stop watches.

Alpine A110 Berlinette

The sports car maker 'Alpine’ is both developer and maker of the Alpine A110 Berlinette. Owed to the close cooperation in racing sport, the combination of the brand name 'Renault Alpine’ came up. As of 1963 the Alpine A110 rolled off the factory’s assembly line made as racing car. Because of the relatively small 1.1 liter engine it had difficulties in keeping up with cars with bigger engines. As of 1966 the Alpine featured a 1.3 liter engine and became more competitive, celebrating victories in renowned events, both in rallies as well as on the circuit. It participated in, amongst others, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Rally Monte Carlo. The Alpine surely counts among the most successful racing cars of the 1970s.