Toyota 2000 GT 1968 – SPRZEDANA

Stworzona we współpracy z koncernem Yamaha, Toyota 2000 GT uznawana jest powszechnie za pierwszy japoński supersamochód. Wyprodukowano ich zaledwie 351 sztuk. W sprzedaży nie pomagała cena, ustawiona na poziomie takich samochodów jak Jaguar E-Type czy Porsche 911. Po czasie małe japońskie arcydzieło zdecydowanie przebiło ówczesną konkurencję… ten świetnie zachowany, jeden z około 70 z kierownicą po lewej stronie egzemplarz, wylicytowany został na ok. 2,75 mln PLN. Czy na cenę miała wpływ rola w filmie z Jamesem Bond’em „Żyje się tylko dwa razy”, trudno ocenić. Z pewnością dziś jest to najjaśniej świecąca gwiazda na rynku japońskich klasyków. Prezentowany egzemplarz ma udokumentowany przebieg zaledwie 12,5 tys. mil. Otrzymał nową powłokę lakierniczą, w swoim oryginalnym kolorze Bellatrix Yellow, będącym najrzadszym z sześciu dostępnych kolorów.


1968 TOYOTA 2000 GT
ESTIMATE: $600,000 – $1.2M USD
SOLD: $683,200 USD

Lot: 121
Auction: ‘Rolling Sculpture’ 2015 NYC
19th November 2015 5:00pm EST


The Toyota 2000 GT, developed in conjunction with Yamaha, was Japan’s first Supercar, with a production of just 351 units, most of which stayed in Japan. However, 50 did reach the United States, and at a list price of $6,800 they were slightly more expensive than a Jaguar E-Type or a Porsche 911. They were introduced in “You Only Live Twice,” the James Bond film, in which he drove a specially-built convertible version. With a top speed of 135 miles per hour, the 2000GT proved that Toyota could build a sports car that was competitive on the world stage. This is a highly original and correct 2000GT, with the only modification being an upgraded aluminum radiator.

Year: 1968
Serial: MF10-10110
Engine: 3M10143
Mileage: 12,570
Exterior Color: Bellatrix Yellow
Interior Color: Black

One Of A Very Few Correct 2000GT’s
100th Production Model Chassis Produced
Production Date 10/3/1967
First Delivered To USA
Yamaha Production Number 1100
One Of Approximately 70 (type MF10L) LHD Models
Original Owners Manual Included
Recently Repainted In Bellatrix Yellow
Rare And Complete Original Factory Tool Roll

This is one of about 62 – some sources claim as many as 109 – Toyota 2000GTs that were produced with left-hand drive, as indicated by “MF10L” in the serial number. With very few imported into the U.S., out of a total production of 351, they are seldom seen. It was delivered to its first owner in California where it was well maintained, but driven infrequently. It was acquired from its original owner by the Japanese electronics firm, Denon, in July, 1990 with only 3,600 miles on the odometer. Japanese DMV records indicate that it received limited use, with only a few thousand miles recorded annually. The 12,542 miles shown today are properly documented. It was repainted in 2004, and again in 2015, in the factory-correct color of Bellatrix Yellow, the rarest of the six colors offered. It is presented in as-new condition, with a mild patina on the seating.
“The Toyota 2000GT is perhaps the best sports car you’ve never heard of”
– Don Davis 4/2013
“…one of the most exciting and enjoyable cars we’ve driven”
– James Crowe Road and Track 1967

The Toyota 2000GT was introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, with production continuing until 1970. Yamaha accomplished the majority of the chassis design work and it was first marketed to Nissan but when they turned down the project Toyota accepted. Raymond Loewy protégé Albrecht Goertz is often credited with exterior design but when Toyota accepted the project they utilized an internal “coke bottle” design for the bodywork. However it originated, a Toyota inline six-cylinder motor that was heavily modified by Yamaha powers the 2000GT. Only 351 were built, with about 60 reaching North American shores. With a price tag of $6,800, it was more expensive than an E-Type or Porsche 911, an unreasonable premium for an unknown vehicle. But, it did receive international acclaim when it appeared in the 1967 James Bond film “You Only Live Twice.” Carroll Shelby entered two 2000GTs in 1968 SCCA production car competition, in which they had strong showings, but it was the only year they were campaigned. They also came in third in the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix and won the Fuji 24-Hour race in 1966.

This 1968 Toyota 2000GT has been driven only 12,542 documented miles, and has been very well maintained and serviced. With the exception of an upgraded aluminum radiator everything on the car is completely original, down to its original owner’s manual. The luxurious interior shows a mild patina that is consistent with the age of the vehicle, with no evident wear of consequence. The brightwork is in surprisingly good condition considering its age, and its rosewood-veneer dashboard, “suited to a luxury GT”, also presents well. It has recently been serviced and detailed by We Love Cool Cars, LLC. This is a very authentic and well preserved example of one of Japan’s finest cars.

While relatively few 2000GT’s reached North America, they do appear with some regularity at public sale. Twenty years ago, they languished in relative obscurity, selling in the $150,000 range; lately the market has recognized them as exciting, sleek sports cars that challenged the better marques of Europe. In April, 2013, RM Sotheby’s sold a well-restored Bellatrix Yellow example for $1,155,000. A year later, RM Sotheby’s sold another solid example for $1,045,000, and Gooding, the same weekend, sold one for $1,155,000. The analysis if these sales certainly establishes the current market value of a fine Toyota 2000GT, such as the example presented.

This is a very original 1968 Toyota 2000GT that has well-documented limited use. The 12,542 miles that are showing on the odometer are actual and are properly verified by the Japanese DMV. It was repainted earlier this year, to high professional standards. The car is highly original and is a stunning example of what is often referred to as “Japan’s Greatest Car.”
“The 2000GT was the Japanese E-type that could run against the best that Europe could offer.”
– Donald Osborne 7/2014

The Toyota 2000GT was not an instant success and, with limited production and minimal access outside of Japan, it was an unknown commodity. Now recognized for their sleek styling, nimble handling, and spirited performance, they have been joining major collections of period European sports cars. This is a desirable, original example, with limited, documented use, that would certainly be at home in the company of the best sports cars that Europe or America could offer.
– Carl Bomstead, Automotive Specialist