Volkswagen Garbus 1952 – USA – SPRZEDANY

Volkswagen Garbus jest jednym z najpopularniejszych środków transportu XX wieku. Im wcześniejszy model, tym łaskawszym okiem patrzą na niego kolekcjonerzy. Dzielona tylna szyba – split window – jest znakiem rozpoznawczym dla Garbusów wyprodukowanych przed 1953 rokiem. Są one coraz częściej podstawą do gruntownej i perfekcyjnej odbudowy, standardami przewyższającymi poziom fabryczny. Takim cackiem można stanąć do dowolnego konkursu klasyków na całym świecie i choć cena zakupu nie jest niska, kreuję ją unikatowość egzemplarza, zgodność z oryginałem, nakład oraz jakość włożonej pracy.


The Volkswagen Beetle ranks right up there with cars like the Ford Model T as one of the most historically and culturally significant cars ever made. First conceived as practical personal transport for the families of Nazi Germany and designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it found the approval of motorists all over the world after the end of the War who appreciated its simplicity, practicality and impressive build quality. The Beetle evolved slowly but steadily over its decades-long production life. In 1949, the engine was enlarged to 1131 cc, in 1952 synchromesh was added to second and fourth gears, and in 1953 the rear window became a single oval pane in place of the split rear window that characterized the original cars. That last change has resulted in the original split window Beetles, which are also rarer than the more widely produced later Beetles, becoming some of the most desirable and valuable models among enthusiasts and collectors.

This 1952 Volkswagen Beetle is from the last year of split window production and has been meticulously, accurately and carefully restored to better than showroom condition. It is finished in a very attractive light blue with black fender wells and running boards, a grey cloth interior piped in dark grey, white and blue steel wheels with correct Volkswagen hubcaps, 5.60-15 bias ply tires, VDO dash clock and a period correct roof rack with metal frame and wood slats. The engine compartment is showroom clean and meticulously detailed. Given the Beetle’s more utilitarian nature and its ubiquity in certain parts of the world, many have been treated roughly and even restored examples don’t see a particularly high quality of workmanship. This car, on the other hand, is another story. Its restoration is ground up, nut and bolt, to a concours quality that goes above and beyond anything normally seen on VWs. Everything on top and underneath is fresh and highly detailed as well as correct. As a genuine split window Type 1 Volkswagen it is already highly collectible, but for those looking for one of the very best examples that can be shown proudly at high level events, this Beetle is a fine choice.