Volkswagen T1 Samba 21 Window 1966 – UK

Powstawał na bazie Garbusa jak bus, kombi i mikrobus, którego najdroższa i najbardziej luksusowa wersja obrosła niemal legendą. Przydomek „Samba” wyróżnia wyłącznie wersje posiadające 23 i 21 okien, wyróżniające się dwukolorowym malowaniem, dużym rozsuwanym dachem oraz charakterystycznym zegarkiem na desce rozdzielczej. Prezentowany Volkswagen T1 Samba 21 Window pochodzi z przedostatniego roku produkcji, narodził się jako wersja 8-osobowa z pełną środkową ławką, w kolorze beżowo-czerwonym. Dziś jest w pełni odrestaurowany, bez pełnej zgodności z oryginałem, lecz za to z myślą o przyjemniejszej eksploatacji. Stąd mocny silnik o pojemności 2,2 l, udoskonalone zawieszenie, hamulce ze wspomaganiem, skórzana tapicerka i zabudowa z rozkładanym dwuosobowym łóżkiem, która bardziej przypomina kamper niż oryginalnego mikrobusa. Przedaukcyjna wycena tego cacka opiewa na kwotę ok. 270 – 330 tys. PLN, choć obserwując rynek można dojść do przekonania, że cena może pójść sporo wyżej.


1966 Volswagen Samba 21 Window Microbus
Lot No.: 327

The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale takes place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Registration: HON 684D
Chassis Number: 247052192
Engine Number: AD237454
Number of cylinders: 4
CC: 2180
Year of Manufacture: 1966
Estimate (£): 45,000 – 55,000

The Volkswagen Type 2 was introduced in 1950 as a multi-variant utility vehicle, known as the Transporter, Kombi or Microbus (depending on body type). It was devised as an evolution of the Volkswagen Type 1, the original Beetle. The first generation of these versatile vehicles (named the T1) were produced with distinctive split-screens (‘splitties') from 1950 until 1967.

Only two models were originally offered, the Kombi and the Commercial. The Microbus was added in May 1950, joined by the Deluxe Microbus in June 1951.

The Deluxe Microbus (known as the ‘Sunroof Deluxe' in America) was the most luxurious version of the Volkswagen Transporter T1. The Deluxe model featured eight rear side windows and two rear corner windows, making it the 15-window (not available in Europe). Meanwhile, the European-market Deluxe Microbus, with its additional eight small skylight windows is, accordingly, the 23-window. From the 1964 model year with its wider rear door, the rear corner windows were discontinued, making the latter two, the 13-window and 21-window respectively. The 23 and later 21 window variants each carry the famous nickname 'Samba' and are especially revered.

Instead of a sliding door at the side, the Samba had two pivot doors and a fabric sunroof and were mostly painted in two colours, usually with the upper part coloured white and the two coloured sections being separated by a decorative strip. Sambas also have a more comprehensive dashboard than the normal T1, and are fitted with a so-called „hat” over the front split-screen which acts as a sun-visor for the driver.

When Volkswagen started producing the successor to the T1 (the T2) the company also stopped producing the Samba, so sadly no Sambas were available in later versions of the Volkswagen Transporter – making these early and rare models very sought-after and collectable.
Presented here is a German-manufactured 1966 VW Microbus Deluxe 21-window ‘Samba'. This bus was manufactured just one year before the end of true T1 manufacture. Its all-important M-code (03N 056 2412 434470 7052192) is present and correct for model type (also showing it to be LHD, with cargo doors right, an 8 seater and with full middle seat). This M-code also correlates to a correct chassis number. Originally supplied Beige Grey over Titan Red, it left the factory on the 3rd November in 1966 but is actually classed as model year 1967.
This bus has obviously been much cared for and maintained over the years. It comes with numerous invoices and paperwork documenting its more recent history. Unfortunately, there is no early history present. The chassis is said to be in fine condition and free from rot or rust. Previous owners (recorded as only 3 including our vendor) have sought to make subtle but sensible improvements to the usability of this 49 year old vehicle. Marque specialists have been utilised to upgrade the engine (now a 2180cc Type 1 engine with twin carbs, an oil cooler and an electric fan) giving more power and torque and the particularly smooth gear-box action has been further enhanced with a bespoke engine support bar to improve gear shift and traction. It now has the benefit of an IRS suspension conversion at the rear and servo-assisted brake discs at the front. It’s had some recent work to the rear brakes and comes with a new MoT until 13.10.16.

Inside this Samba, the interior has been finished to a very high standard, whilst retaining period features such as the Golde sunroof. The tastefully appointed blue leather upholstery with matching carpets work very well with the white dashboard, and there is a full width rock & roll bed, a full width buddy seat and individual driver’s and passenger seats, all with seat-belts.

This genuine ‘Samba' is the perfect balance between 60’s camper-van cool, VW enthusiast credibility and real-life modern drivability. It’s fast enough but not too loud, long-legged and easy to drive, comfortable with good ride quality, and is just waiting for its next trip!